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Resolved! PIXMA MG5520 "Printer Not Responding" Windows 10

Hi everyone,I work in I.T. and one of my users has a PIXMA MG5520 printer that they use at home for printing. The user was running off of older Dell hardware (laptop) that was running Windows 10 that was due for a replacement. Therefore the user was ...

Pixma iP8720 head alignment issues ?

I've cleaned the head 2X, deep cleaned 1 X and got the attached print that showed the head almost perfect on the print out.  Then printed the attached print and the vertical lines seem good but horizontal are very misaligned.  Is this a head alignmen...

G6020 Firmware Update Failed

I got a message this morning saying that there was a new firmware version available on the server.  I used the menus to apply it.  The update failed and it told me to hit the "on" button.  I did so, and now the LED just blinks and none of the buttons...

danjody by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Cannon G7020 Automatic Scan Feeder for Photos

Hello, I have a a lot of boxes of photos I'd like to scan. In the Cannon scan utility, it allows me to scan photos using the flat bed. I can also scan documents using the automatic feeder. For some reason, I cannot select the automatic feeder for pho...

Gorojoe by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PIXMA MG7720 Error Code 6000

I have a MG7720 inkjet with error code 6000.  I follow all the instruction and am unable to clear it.  I would like to do a hard reset, but the screen doesn't light to enter the menu.  How can I do a hard reset?

FerdDeb by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA TR8622 Scans Coming Out Crooked or Crimped

HelloI own a Canon TR8622 printer-scanner. Had this machine for over 2 years. I scan mostly baseball cards to support my business of selling baseball cards on Ebay. Recently, about half of my scans are showing crooked or crimped edges instead of stra...

Resolved! Error message when setting up PIXMA TR8620a

How do I contact a human being at Canon Tech Support?  I just purchased a new printer and cannot set it up because I get an error message during setup.  Message says to check my network connection -- which is great -- so it can access Canon driver in...

PIXMA iP8720 Prints double lines for text

I have PIXMA iP8720 printer that prints double lines for text. The print out for the nozzle check shows the PGBK lines horizontal OK, the vertical lines start OK then split into two lines for most of the chart then merge back to a single line at the ...

johnsr65 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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