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Resolved! Why does DPP4 crop my images when opening them?

When I open a CR3 image in DPP4 version, the image appears to have been cropped, that is ~5% of the top, bottom, LHS & RHS is missing with no way to retrieve it. Do I have an incorrect setting or have others had this problem?

Paul-1553 by Contributor
  • 20 replies

Does DPP4 save RAW-based HDR images as RAW or JPG?

OK  Here's my question: I set my AEB and take 3 RAW photos.I go into DPP4 , load up the photos and in the Tools menu, start the HDR composting.I merge the files and wind up with an HDR image. I go to save it. Is it saved as a RAW file, or as a jpg?I ...

stevet1 by Mentor
  • 4 replies

R5C Firmware BUG on RF L lenses

I upgraded Yesterday (February 20, 2024) and I think is the biggest mistake the was fantastic, after updating to my RF lenses L lenses (RF 15-35mm f/2.8 L IS USM & RF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM) do not work as they should work (I shoot m...

EOS Webcam Utility Pro not opening

I'm trying to use my Canon g7x as a webcam for podcast recording. The camera is working as a webcam via USB but I'd like to adjust the resolution in the EOS Webcam Utility window.Every time I try to open it I get a white screen and need to force quit...

Screen Shot 2024-02-18 at 8.32.37 PM.png
dmoy2527 by Contributor
  • 4 replies

EOS Utility not connecting to camera when using extension cable

Hi! I have a problem getting EOS Utility to connect with the camera when using an extension cable. I have a Canon R7 which i connected to the PC using a cable. I use the TetherPro USB-C to USB-C and the TetherBoost Pro USB-C Core Controller Extension...

IR by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Computer can't import CR3 files from EOS R6 Mark II

Since my computers, and associated operating systems, are too old they can not import CR3 files. So I tried to use "Raw Processing" of images on my card for the R6 Mark ii. I followed steps 1 through 3 in the Canon manual,

Canon Connect, live view is blurry on Samsung S7 tablet

Hi, I am shooting on a Canon EOS R, and using my tablet (Samsung S7 FE) connecting to Canon Connect in order to help me see products styling at the studio easier.  However, I find the live view on the tablet screen is so blurry, looks low resolution....

yichen by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Downloaded R5 firmware 1.9 but doesn't open on Mac

I downloaded the R5 firmware update v1.9.0 (in hopes of fixing an Auto Focus issue). The download put a standard DMG file in my downloads folder (eosr5-c190-mac.dmg). But when I double click the downloaded file, it does a quick animation indicating t...

Resolved! EOS R6 Firmware Update 1.8.3 Availability

I received a Firmware Notice from Canon that the firmware for my EOS R6 has been updated to version 1.8.3.  When I  go to the link for the update, it is not shown in the list.  How do I get access to the firmware update so that I may download 1.8.3 t...

Resolved! How to solve cropped images taken in video modus in DPP4

I've taken pictures in video modus, due to a broken switch, so I had no option. I have raw files, which in finder say are 6000*4000 pixels, but in DPP4 I get a frame inside the picture (probably the video dimensions) and when editing the picture it's...


Resolved! EOS Utility - not launching?

For no apparent reason EOSU appears to have stopped working, somewhat. The main application does not load. I am using a D70 with EOSU on Win 7. I am attempting to connect wirelessly, this worked fairly well before.I tried using the updated EOSU via C...

squaka by Apprentice
  • 21 replies

Canon R50 shows up as Other Devices with driver error

HI I am setting up my Canon R50 camera to be used on a tethered USB cable using a computer running Windows 11. Worked flawlessly when I first tried it out( unfortunately did not check device manager at the time to see what was going on). The next day...

DMarcus_0-1708121037439.png DMarcus_1-1708121103659.png
DMarcus by Contributor
  • 6 replies
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