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Automatically delete a document after printing

When my Canon G7000 finishes printing a document, it doesn't automatically delete it from the print queue. Once it printed the document twice. When I want to print multiple documents, I have to manually delete each one before the next one will print....

PIXMA TR4520 Not printing colors correctly

Hi i have a PIXMA TR4520 and i use a Mac. On the print screen it shows me the color it should be to be printed but when it prints it is another color. Why is it doing this? ps I have cleaned the print heads a couple of times and deep cleaned them to ...

Offline Errors everyday! Canon TR7620a

Tried everything listed on the troubleshooting page multiple times.I have to reinstall the printer everyday in order to print. Printer works when first installed - will work for the day but next day says it's offline again and won't print until I uni...

No magenta on prints, BW print comes out green

 I have a cannon 7520. Just replaced printhead and all the ink cartridges. When printing a print page it comes out with the 3 line magenta blank. All others are good. When printing black and white it comes out green and the text is not 100% quality o...

MX532 will not load photo paper

My MX532 prints fine on    plain paper, but when I load a sheet of glossy photo paper, I get this error: Load paper and press OK. I've fiddled and researched, tried without plain paper below (ie just 1 sheet of photo paper), or on    top of several s...

antics by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Ink not flowing, empty ink tubes, G3260 MegaTank

The yellow stopped printing halfway through a photo on my G3260. After letting it rest for awhile, the yellow came back. I Googled for answers and found many Youtube videos showing Canon MegaTank printers with empty ink tubes. I looked under my hood ...

jpady by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

How to print on a 6" x 6" card

Can anyone help with settings in Microsoft word for  printing inside 6 x 6 inch card for wedding invitations,what card size is recommended and also margin size please.l usually work with A5 card and don't have problem but l am unsure of margin size a...

TR8620a Bottom Tray Will Not Feed/Print

Hello -- our lightly used TR8620a had a paper jam a week and a half ago.  Ever since we cleared it, it stopped printing from the lower front tray.  We have indicated in our printer settings -- print only from this tray -- not the back -- and when we ...

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