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I'm trying to figure out what my camera is as I want to use it with a third-party device. The label on my camera says: "EOS 250D", but when I search for that on Canon's site nothing comes up. There is no listing at all for a 250D. Some research has s...

Resolved! Canon Rebel T1i (500d) External Monitor

I know it's a REALLY old camera, but I am still using the Canon Rebel T1i (500D). I was wondering if I could use the HDMI OUT port to connect an external monitor to the camera (for live view). If anyone knows, please respond. Thanks!

Canon eos r50 transfer problem

HiI got a strange problem with transfering images thru eos utility.Yesterday i connect the camera via wifi to eos connect utility and everything went fine and i downloaded all my images.Today i do the same thing but from the moment i select my images...

Trying to go from DLSR to Mirrorless

I am an amateur photography. I do mainly events such as sweet 16s, birthdays, etc and portraits during the holidays. I do not do weddings. I want to purchase a mirrorless to slowly move away from DLSRs. I want full-frame. I was not sure of which mirr...

Affordable upgrade from 600d?

Hello all. I've enjoyed my 600d for about six years now and I'm happy with everything about except the low light performance. I do a variety of photography (street, landscape, portrait, arty, and holiday snaps). I don't do wildlife or sports, largely...

maxanlso by Apprentice
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Can’t adjust aperture on Canon M50 Mark II

I purchased a fully manual super telephoto lens that is compatible with my M50 Mark II but have not figured how to adjust the aperture setting. I did figure out how to make the shutter work even though the camera doesn’t think there is a lens attache...

Scamm22 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

EOS R50 External Mic Issues

Does anyone have any idea how to get the camera to recognize an external mic? I have the Rode VideoGo II with RODE Microphones SC2 3.5mm TRS Patch Cable. I've also tried a lav mic but neither seems to work properly with the camera.

Grainy photos - Rebel T7

I recently got a canon rebel t7 for Christmas I mainly shoot with horses and people . I am shooting in manual and feel like my subjects faces are not sharp enough and/ or pretty grainy . Even if they are standing still and there is no movement . Basi...

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