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Canon R3 Firmware Update - Where is the Pre-shot buffer?


How disappointing that Canon would release a new Firmware version for the R3 without including the Pre-shot buffer.  The recent upgrade appears to contain a number of features little requested or needed, but ignores a major shortcoming of the R3 that is available in a Canon camera costing thousands of dollars less!

This is quite an insult to the R3 customers who have purchased this top of the line camera and who would greatly benefit from a Pre-shot buffer for Wildlife and Sports photography.  



I'm right here with you, for once I bought the best of the best and the one feature that could take my wildlife photography to the next level, would improve my keeper rate for birds in flight hundreds of percent, they bring out on non pro bodies SHORTLY AFTER the R3's release. This coupled with all the yummy affordable good lenses Nikon are coming out with, has a salty taste. Oh while I'm at it, the 4k 100p/120p cannot be relied upon, only 10 mins then it's done for the shooting session. I know the R5 had a similar problem and it was fixed in firmware. There is also a mod for the R5 which was just adding a small copper heatsink, so enough time to implement it into the R3. Okay I'm done lol, still a nice camera of course,-)