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Leather case for my R50

 I have absolutely no stake in this company except as a customer Wanted a leather case for my newly acquired R50. Not many on the market but found this one from a company named Vincov out of China. Couldn’t find any reviews but for the $61 shipped an...

Kaplang by Contributor
  • 3 replies

EOS R50 and 45 degree viewer

  Thought I’d share this.I used a Canon 45 degree view finder on my sold 7D. Really liked using it. When I got my R50 couple weeks ago i was really disappointed that I couldn’t use it on the 50 and Canon doesn’t make one or isn’t anyplace to mount on...

8CF48247-4801-4BE0-A28B-9E7BDD8CE342.jpeg 76E52B43-88A5-465D-8EBE-22EEF3879D4B.jpeg
Kaplang by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon EOS 5d Mark IV + Tethering/remote

Hello, I really want use my wireless canon RC-6 remote whilst my tether cable is connected to my mac. It's helpful as I am taking self-portraits without a photographer. They don't work at the same time.Can someone please help me? I need to use tether...

Choosing memory card for the Canon EOS R5

Hello! I just recently ordered the Canon EOS R5 and have been doing loads of research on which memory cards to choose but can't seem to narrow down the best choice.I will be shooting photos and 8k videos. I want memory cards that will last long enoug...

PowerShot SD 1200 IS Accessories Needed

Canon Powershot SD 1200 IS digital ELPH camera--I found just the camera in the household goods I was sorting for a friend who died and would like to get it operating again but I only have the camera--no parts.  What do I need to charge the battery an...

Canon Powershot 1200.JPG

Resolved! Which lens did this foot come from?

I found this at the bottom of a bunch of photo gear.  Obviously Canon, but there are no identifying marks. I dont have a lens missing a foot.  Can anyone identify this?   

1000009264.jpg 1000009263.jpg 1000009262.jpg
NancyEv by Contributor
  • 2 replies

My Pictures are Horrible with Extender RF1.4x

I have the R6 using the 100-500 rf lens. The pictures are great. But when i add the 1.4 extender the pictures are horrible. Never had this problem before the rf series.. is there something i need to do on my setup???

Laney93 by Contributor
  • 28 replies

Another garbage Canon LP-E6 series battery

I have used Canon gear for a very long time and never had any complaints until I started dealing with the LP-E6 series batteries in the 5 series gear.  Three weeks ago one of the less than one year old original LP-E6N batteries had the fast flash err...

wq9nsc by Authority
  • 11 replies

EOS Rebel XS trigger release

Hello,Is there a way to add a wired trigger release to my Rebel XS camera?  I'm wanting to do photography of the solar eclipse in April by mounting the camera on a telescope.  I have the solar filter but just need a way to trigger the shutter without...

Canon BG-R10 Battery Communication Issue

Hi All, I recently re-installed by BG-R10 grip onto my CanonR5 and I'm getting a battery communication error/"Is your battery a Canon" message. The grip worked well without any issues in the past. The battery is an authentic Canon LP6NH and came with...

BG-R10 Only Charging One Battery

When charging the batteries on my R5 the battery grip only charges one of the two that are inserted. If remove them and swap positions it will charge the other battery. I thought it was supposed thos charge both batteries when plugged into the canon ...

PJMCCABE by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

BG-R10 Battery Grip Causing EOS R6 to Shut Down

I have the BG-R10 battery grip for my R6 and recently it keeps shutting down after a couple pictures are taken and the red light to right of set wheel comes on. I have determined that it only does this when the battery grip is on the camera, other wi...

Aiblin16 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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