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Resolved! EOS Rebel T7 Correct USB Cord Needed

New here, and need help on finding the correct cord to connect my Rebel T7 to my macbook air.Hello,I am very excited to use my new camera when we go on our 2 week hiking trip to the PNW this coming summer. But I do have one question. I am trying to c...

EFS to EF Lens Adapter Availability

Is there an adapter that would make an EF 2x Extender Canon Lens compatible with an EFS 55-250mm lens? I do some youth sports photography (strictly for fun) and my 55-250mm wasn’t quite cutting it for the bigger soccer fields and I didn’t want to spe...

mount adapter ef eos-r can't mount 400mm lens

need urgent help, just purchased Eos r + Ef adapter and 400MM F5.6 L lens.Sadly I am unable to fit this lens inside this adapter i don't get it, what gives?canon website shows that this lens is compatible with this adapter but it just can't fit.if I ...

EOS 5D Mark IV Battery Issues

Okay the camera itself, 5D MarkIV, is GREAT. Incredible actually, my 5th Canon body. My issue is after spending more than $9,000 on Canon equipment they have the nerve to try to force me to buy only their replacement batteries which are RIDICULOUSLY ...

What USB cable does the Canon Eos R10 use?

 im not good at understanding the difference cables because normally when i purchase something like this they already come with the correct cables but the eos r10 does not. What USB should i purchase? I don’t know what this is.


bad lp6 batteries

I have two fairly new lp6 batteries I use togther in a batterie grip had them both in the camera and everything was working fine I finished my shoot went home took out the batteries and put them in the charger and right away got a bad batter signal o...

bill101 by Apprentice
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Wondering if it's possible to test the battery and charger with a voltmeter and where to put the prongs in each case. Help. ALSO: is the following a possible scenario: charging a battery that is dead but the charging sequence and light display happen...

ET-83FW III Lens hood lug broken

One of the lugs that hold the ET-83FW III lens hood in place has broken. Is there a replacement parts kit, or do I have to replce the entire hood? I have matching skins on the lens and hood and would like to repair the hood vs replacing it. If it has...

rehjwa by Apprentice
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Resolved! Replacement Canon BG-E20 battery magazine

Hi,I have a BG-E20 grip for my Canon 5D Mark IV.The battery magazine has a crack in it, and I need a replacement.I cannot find how to order one from Canon, or another source.  Navigating the Canon website has me running in circles.If someone could di...

Pilsner by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! LP-E6NH product registration?

I have my camera body and lenses registered and then I thought maybe I need to register my batteries too but didn't find a way to do that.  I assume that means it's not necessary to add them through product registration? 

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