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EOS R Cannot Connect or Wi-Fi

I can not get my EOS R to connect to the WiFi with the CameraConnect app. I’m using my iPhone13 Pro Max and recently updated to the 15.2.1 OS. Before the update my camera connected without any issue. I have tried troubleshooting and nothing as worked...

Mackie913 by New Contributor
  • 0 replies


There was an error message saying that the drum cartridge is empty, while the toner was at 80%. I replaced the drum cartridge, but it still says I need to replace it. This issue has wasted my time tremendously over the past week. Is there anyone who ...

Battery Info 7Dii

Hi All! I have the Canon 7D Mark 2 and I was out shooting at a local lake when I noticed my battery warning was flasing in the top display window. So I checked the Battery Info from the menu and it showed 8% remaining. I thought that was strange beca...

Isac by Frequent Contributor
  • 2 replies

MG5220 Driver is unavaibable

Hello,I have this printer on two other computers and one laptop and it works perfectly on those 3. But when I go to add it to another laptop I just got, it downloads but it says Driver unavaibable. On my new laptop I have windows 11. Am I suppose to ...

Video tutorial for camera

I purchased my camera a few years ago and used it with the point and shoot settings.I know the camera has many features that I have yet to employ. I am looking for the best video type  tutorial, starting with an intro to the camera and practicing usi...

Canon Pixma Pro 10 Canvas size

Hi,    I am trying to print a 13x19 Canvas using manual feed on Pixma Pro 10. It will not allow me to choose this size why does this not work. Is there a place to find acceptable sizes for each type of paper? When I choose Canvas it does not let me s...

bill_b by New Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon XL1 Lense

Is there anyway one can fit the Canon XL1 Lense to the Canon 90D DSLR camera? I find it sad that canon haven’t created a way to use or fit such a wonderful Lense to a DSLR camera. Does anyone know how to make this possible? 

KJVDP by New Contributor
  • 1 replies

mystery page print

My Canon ix6800 has developed an odd and annoying quirk.  Any time I print (usually from Word), the printer first spits out 2/3 page from our company's 2020 tax return.  I never had this document on my computer, although my husband may have and our w...

Canon white/beige colored tele bodies....

Canon states they are colored this way to keep the flourite based elements from overheating in hot environments. So does this mean they perform better than Nikon, Sigma, et. al.? Or have the other vendors solved this "issue?" NASA even uses Nikon!!

bhill by Occasional Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon SX620

On Canon SX620 the latch to the Memory card/Battery compartment broke. I bought the camera in April 2021. Who I bought it from offered not help. Who or what can I do to resolve this issue.

Canon INFO e-mail

Question: why all Canon INFO e-mail sent in the last 180 days only talk about Mirrorless cameras? I love my DSLR but all advertisements are about Mirrorless (cameras, lenses or accessories). Shall we ask not to forget those DSLR type fans??? 

rottati by New Contributor
  • 2 replies

unclear pictures

I have a 80D and take a lot of sports pictures.  Using a 2.8 70-200MM lens (Tamron), I use the manual mode with a shutter speed of 600, 800 and 1000 (depending on lighting in gym for instance), Fstop 2.8 and iso on auto.  1 of 15-20 are clear but oth...

djmeigs55 by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

IPF 6100 printer

Hi,I have a IPF6100 printer that works fine, however since updating my Mac OS to version 12.0.1 I can not connect to it, Apple does not let me go back to an older OS, nor does Lightroom. Canon is not updating the driver.Any possible solutions, other ...

AliE by New Contributor
  • 2 replies
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