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An interesting announcement today regarding the EOS R7. It should make some wildlife shooters happy, and confuse others. It has some solid specs, but the omission of a stacked sensor lacking bsi is a bad choice. Also, as Canon has demonstrated in rec...

C300mkiii Handle Joystick unresponsive

Hello,I recently got the c300mkiii. Until the other day, the joystick on the side handle was working fine. I recently assembled the camera and the joystick was unresponsive, though the custom 1 button, rec button and iris dial all work fine. Ive unpl...

Maxify MB2720 only prints one page in Linux

I have installed the Canon software for my MB2720 (cnijfilter2-5.40-1-deb) on MXlinux-KDE and can only print the first page of a job. (All hardware works correctly while running Windows 11.) The PPD file supplied (canonmb2700.ppd) does not support th...

Random Printing

ImageCLASS MF445dw printing "GET ?eSCL/ScannerCapabilities HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost" many times a day wasting paper and i cant get it to stop!  I have reloaded the software multiple times.  Once it did stop until we had a brief power outage and now i...

scans are weak or faded

I have a ImageGlass 8580cdw and the scans are very light and are not dark enough when printed.How do I correct this?Thank you. 

mf4570dw scanning issue

When I scan a 10 page document, the first page scans and then it stops like there is no other pages.   I press start again and the 2-10 pages scan fine.   So I end up with 2 scans instead of 1.   Look forward to any ideas or suggestions.  

MS Word table on 3x5 card not respecting standard margins

In MS Word 2019, I created a landscape table on a 3x5 card.  I've used the Word narrow margins to be sure I was not using too much space.  In print preview, the card looks fine and centered all the way around.On my Imageclass MF644CDW, I registered t...

hookedup by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Digital Photo Profession Group

Hello ... I signed up for the Canon Community, specifically for a group that is for discussing Digital Photo Professional.  Can I get some guidance on what that group name is ?

pizellie by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

prints are too dark Color Image CLASS MFb42Cdw

All my images are printing three to four times heavier than they should.  I'm getting to the point of maybe throwing this thing away... and staying clear of this brand.  I've been through the manual and screen options and find no place to adjust the ...

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