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Which Spotlight bulbs don't flicker?

Hi, I have an Canon EOS R8 camera. A while back, I wrote a post asking where to find regular flicker-free light bulbs. I ended up finding several options: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EOS-DSLR-Mirrorless-Cameras/EOS-R8-quot-Which-LED-Light-Bulb...

Hindy by Contributor
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Speedlite EL-5 compatibility with EOS R5 & R6

I currently own 2 Canon R5 camera bodies. I would like to use the Canon EL-5 flash on the hot shoe. Is there an adapter available to allow the new style flash to mount on the old type of hot shoe. The EL-1 flash is out of my price range and is no lon...

Resolved! EOS R50 flash compatibility

Hello guys  I’ve just read manual for R50. Here is a wireless flash mode in menu. What does it mean? Can I use any EX speedlite without multifunction shoe but with radio slave mode in TTL mode? I have 600EX II RT and 430EX III RT. I wish I could use ...

EC2 by Apprentice
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Resolved! Speedlite 600EX-RT fires but photos almost black

Hi all, I have a problem with one of my 600EX-RT flashes. In ETTL mode the pictures are almost black (despite the flash is firing) in Manual it seems that even set to 1/128 the flash is using full power. I already tried to clean all the contacts, sti...

Resolved! Canon 600EX II-RT drops link- HELP!

Scenarios I have tried:  Using Canon Transmitter ST-E3-RT as the master and (2) 600 EX II-RTs as slaves.Using A 600EX as master and B 600EX as slave.Using B 600EX as master and A 600EX as slave.  I get the same result of the slave dropping link. The ...

Resolved! 600 EX-RT radio problems

I've been having problems while shooting weddings with my 600EX-RT flashes not firing as slaves (radio mode) consistently. I've talked with CPS and we ran through all the possible issues including channel changing but other than trying to upgrade to ...

Speedlite 600EX-RT link drops - please help if you can!

I suddenly have the same problem a couple others have mentioned.  I use an ST-E3-RT to link three 600EX-RT flashes with a 5D MIII.  Recently the link started randomly dropping on all the flashes (after some random amount of time from 1.5 minutes to a...

Speedlite 600 EXII-RT RF signal dropping

Greetings! I am a real estate photographer and I use as many as four EXII-RT speedlites for lighting spaces. One speedlite is on the camera and is the master in group A and is used to light the main room being photographed. The other speedlites are s...

EL-1 and 600EXII-RT not communicating wirelessly

I'm currently extremely frustrated with Canon overall, and specifically in regards to my strobes not communicating wirelessly.About three weeks ago I spent over two hours talking to a Canon support agent because my EL-1 and the 600s are no longer com...

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