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Wireless Flash Master Trigger For Canon 90D

I have two Canon 580 EX and also a Canon 430EX I am using with my 90D. I know that I can use a 580Ex on my hot shoe as a master to fire the other 2 flashes wirelessly. I know the 430EX can act as a slave but not a master.However, there are some situa...

Chris_N by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies

580 EX II won't fire.

But everything else works.  It just won't fire with the test "Pilot" button or attached to the hot shoe.  The back story is that I just bought this off eBay.  So yeah, I know, I got snookered.  But I have always used Metz 58AF's so, before accusing t...

430EX III Buzzing when flashing.

I’ve seen several forums about a buzzing sound but none of them seem to be having my issue. Every time I press the shutter halfway too focus the pre-flash flashes with a buzzing sound. This is the first time I’m experiencing this or at least I don’t ...

Resolved! 6D and EL-1

Hello. I have a 6D Mark II. I'm looking for a flash primarily for indoors but that allows high-speed shooting (this is essential). I'm thinking about investing in the EL-1. Is the EL-1 fully compatible with the 6D Mark II ? Thank you. Jorge6D  

Jorge7 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT

I have an ST-E3-RT with two Speedlite 430 EX III-RT's. This works great from behind the camera to control the power output of each speedlite. However, there are ocasions when I need to change the flash power on the speedlite's when being away from th...

430EX as slave, odd behavior...

Setup: 6D with a Pocket Wizard PlusX in the shoe. The PW fires my 600EXII (via the other PW) which is set to Optical Master.  It then fires my 430EX, which is set to slave.  The odd behavior which I haven't noticed before, is the 430 does fire in syn...

Speedlite 600 EX II-RT inconsistent firing in manual

I use my Speedlite in manual mode, on camera, for wedding reception candids. I noticed that I will get some great exposures and then about 5 or 6 shots later the image is blown out with no changes to any camera or flash settings and shot from similar...

Annette1 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Only ETTL mode available on 600EXII-RT as slave

After changing the batteries (a few times now) the only mode available on my 600EXII-RT is ETTL. I am using two 600EXII-RTs as slaves to a Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter as the master. I've got one flash in M, but this one only gives me ETTL as an option...

CBensen by Contributor
  • 8 replies

600EXII-RT stuck in FEL mode.

Hi all, I am new here.  I got a Canon 5D Mark IV.  Today, I try to use my Flash, as soon as I plug my Flash into the Camera body,  I get "FEL"  and  I got a Lightning Bolt with a star on the corner.  And it lock out my camera, I can't get it off.  Ca...


Advice on Canon Speedlites

I feel I am going really well with my on-camera flash abilities and am looking for advice on how to shoot portraits (and events) with more complex flash setups.I currently use: 6D 580EX, basic diffuser 7 L-series lenses Tripod Reflector discI would s...

Resolved! Using 600EX-RT as non-firing master

Can I use the 600EX-RT on my Canon 60D camera to trigger two 430EXII Speedlites in groups A and B without firing the 600?I turn off the flash icon on the 600 under menu 2, but it still fires.I haven't tried it before so I don't know if it's not possi...

600ex-rt not firing

All of a sudden my 600ex-rant doesn't fire. It communicates with the camera (wakes up when half pressing the shutter, f-stop indicator changes when I change it on the camera) but it won't fire when I take a picture.It fires when you press the flash b...

Kmlewis by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Resolved! EX270 II Slave Mode Doesn't

This is a duplicate posting of one elsewhere because I was advised the existing thread was more than 5 yrs old. I could not get my Speedlite 270EX II to fire as a slave in even direct view of the front with the built-in flash on my Rebel SL3 (200D II...

Ki2t by Contributor
  • 13 replies

2 out of 4 flashes stopped working

I have three 600 EX flashes, and one 600 EX II flash. After not using them for 2-3 months I pulled them out for a gig and two of them seem dead, and the other two are working but one is intermittent. I cleaned the contacts and tried new batteries. It...

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