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Wired video remote for R5 C?

Hi all! I'm working on a video project and need to find a wired remote that can let me start and stop recording on a Canon R5 C in video mode from about 4 feet away. I've looked at a number of the different remotes, and some of them (like the RS-80N3...

swimfan by Apprentice
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Resolved! External Mic for Canon Vixia HF r800

Is there a good microphone that is also affordable for the vixia hf r800? I tried the Comica v30 Light, but it did not work because it doesn't supply phantom power. Is there similar mic that is affordable?

I made a BP-A30 battery grip for the Canon R5 C R5C

I made a battery grip for the R5C using the canon BP-A 30 batteries. Now I have 8k 60p no limitations, and battery anxiety is also nonexistent now . Also getting about 2 1/2 hours of use. Thought I would share this because if I can make this you can ...

C32F1088-898D-4289-892F-75ED69683B9C.jpeg 6BBB64C5-20BD-4C64-875A-C025701AED5E.jpeg 382AA3B8-DE28-451B-99DC-FDBEF7107CA9.jpeg
MDXFILMS by Contributor
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Using Canon R5 C through OBS via CamLink 4K Adaptor

Hi, I want to get the R5 C camera for its size and power, ideal for my streaming and recording needs. Since the Canon Webcam utility isn't compatible with the new Mac OS 14 update, I'm considering using a CamLink 4k adaptor to connect the camera to O...

Can I update the Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x with a R5 C?

Can I update the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x with an R5 C camera or do I need a C70 for the update? I don't have a Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x yet but I want to purchase one for my R5 C. I wanted to know if I can update the firmware bef...

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 22.59.35.png
robetus by Apprentice
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Serious Issues with TASCAM CA XLR2D C for Canon R5 C

We, our university, bought TASCAM CA-XLR2D-C for Canon R5 C. It does not work. The adapter does not get power from the camera and also does not work with batteries. When connected to the camera, the yellow light with the camera symbol lights up for a...

Ferenc_M by Apprentice
  • 27 replies
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