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Resolved! EVF-V70 settings

Hello,I've just installed a new EVF-V70 on a C300 MK III, and when viewing the in-camera settings I've noticed that "V70 sharpness" setting is grayed out.  Since the instructions that came with the EVF are not helpful, and the Internet provides no as...

Wireless transmitter and receiver

I use a VIXIA HF G50 camcorder in my sports streaming business.  Does anyone know if they make a wireless transmitter and receiver that is compatible with this camcorder so I can set my camcorder in one location and do the broadcasting from 150 to 20...

PCSports by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Microphone problems

Hello community, I think I've been asking the same question the wrong way. I have a Vixia HF R800 camcorder. I want to use a hand held microphone to record my videos. I bought a Gemini UHF-01/02 wireless microphone to use on it. The receiver has a 1/...

Lens threading

Is the threading on a Canon camcorder lens the same as the threading on a Canon DSLR camera? I'm trying to buy a lens hood and most listings just say the mm size and the ratio. I don't want to buy something if it doesn't fit.I believe my Vixia R800 i...

RStevens by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

WLD 88 Wireless Remote

I recently got a Vixia HF G50 Camcorder. it didn't come with a remote so i purchased a WLD-88 wireless remote. I go into the camera settings and it only allow's a plug in remote. what is compatible that i can use? 

From Monopod to Tripod and back

FYIWhile I routinely attach my C300 MK III to a monopod sporting a fluid video head, I often find the need for greater stability, and that requires the transition to a tripod.  To facilitate the rapid switch from one to the other, I have found that t...

Canon EVF-V70, how to power?

Hello, I am awaiting the arrival of a C300 MK III and EVF-V70, and cannot find any information on the Internet, or within the C300 manual, about the powering of the EVF.  Are there any users who can explain the connection?  Do I need a V-mount batter...

Canon XA40 eye cup removal

I would like to change the rubber eyecup for a teardrop design on my Canon XA40 has anyone ever removed one? It doesn't appear to just slide off like on a DSLR.

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