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Resolved! Canoscan Lide 300 no longer scanning

I've had my Canoscan Lide 300 since the pandemic started. Love it, simple to operate.  My computer runs Windows 10.I don't use it every day, usually I just attach it when I need it then return it to its box.  I set it up 2 days ago, used pdf , auto s...

Canon 300 and 400 LiDE scanners not working ChromeOS

Dispite tons of videos showing people installing the LiDE 300 on youtube on Chrome early in 2023, it doesn't seem to work any longer always identifying the units but asking for additional software to function or a .ppd file I learned canon doesn't us...

Toqom by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

LIDE 120 Scanner driver cant see scanner

I rebuilt my PC over the weekend as the hard disk was failing, and now the scanner driver won't detect the scanner during installation. I can see the scanner in devices, but no matter what I do during the driver installation, it won't recognize the s...

cano scan.PNG Capture.PNG
anoiing by Apprentice
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Error Code L7 on Microfilm Scanner 300?

I have a Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 (M31022) and a Canon Fileprint 250 printer. The two devices seem to be communicating because when I power on the scanner, the printer lights up and makes noises. The scanner works well overall. I am trying to prin...

CanoScan LiDE 400 set focus distance

Hello, I am attempting to scan objects that are placed in transparent boxes, and are therefore a few millimeters above the window of my LiDE 400. My issue appears to be the same as this unresolved one:

Museau by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon LiDE 400 Scanner connects but doesn't scan

I recently got a new Canon 400 LiDE scanner. It did not come with a USB type A to USB type C cable, instead it came with a USB type A to mini USB cable, which does not fit the port. I am using my own USB A to C cable which I owned previously.I am usi...

0range by Apprentice
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imageformula p-215ii - non-volatile memory

My company is looking to buy a "dumb" scanner that has no wifi/bluetooth capabilities and this looks to be a strong contender.  The only thing that we have been unable to find documentation on is whether this piece of equipment has non-volatile memor...

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