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I made a BP-A30 battery grip for the Canon R5 C R5C


I made a battery grip for the R5C using the canon BP-A 30 batteries. Now I have 8k 60p no limitations, and battery anxiety is also nonexistent now 😂. Also getting about 2 1/2 hours of use. Thought I would share this because if I can make this you can too. Also canon can make this too. Canon or whoever please steal this idea make it better. 

made of; NEWEER battery grip, 12v to 9v converter, canon DR-E6C converter, AND Dolgen BPA engineering battery plate. 

I had to create a metal piece to connect the battery grip to the battery plate, and I had to solder it in two different places. I also use a tripod plate/shoe to add more pressure to keep it in place. 

I have use this on my professional shoots to great success. I bought a second camera R5C and made a second battery grip for my two camera shoots.

The only other thing that’s on my wish list for this camera is shooting in a 8K 60P in the HEVC format






This is fantastic!  Quite an elegant solution using the DR-E6C inside of the battery grip – when I saw the first picture, I was expecting that there was a USB-C cable hanging off the side out-of-site, but this looks clean!

Do my eyes deceive me, or is the battery charge level being displayed on the camera's display?

P.S. Canon / any 3rd party, please do make a version of this where the battery can be fully recessed inside of the grip – I think such a product would find a lot of happy customers!



Remarkable and quite ingenious.  

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