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SPEEDLITE ST-E3-RT (Ver. 3) does it fix sync problem


I see Canon is releasing a new ver 3 of the RT trigger.  All the announcements are silent however, on whether this trigger fixes the problem with losing sync that runs all through these forum in multiple posts.  Does anyone know if Canon has figured out what causes sync to drop and has been able to fix it or not with this product?



I don't think anyone has one of the new ST-E3-RT v3 devices as yet who also has experienced the drops of previous products. Even trying to identify what has been changed in the v3 from the v2 has been a challenge. 

So far... 

On the ST-E3-RT (original and v2) there is a port on the side to connect a remote release cable. This was to connect to the remote connections of older cameras that weren't compatible with the new shutter release features from a remote Speedlite. This port has been removed from the ST-E3-RT v3. 

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The new version 3 won't be released until March 28th.  My advice is to go ahead an rent one whenever you can and test first hand.  Places such as Lens Rentals should carry it as they currently carry both version 1 and version 2.


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canon operates in 2.4 gigahertz channels that is operated by dynamic router and 5G smartphones moreso in the past 5 years.

I initially got the 600 series speed light in 2012 after the 580 flashes interfered with my pocket wizards.  The new canon system were robust and flawless.  I shot at the same venue for 11 years.  

About 5 years ago I noticed a decline.  the radio would drop, requiring me to power cycle the individual flashes.  Because they were tucked away behind the band performers, it was impossible... making the canon flash system now useless. 

I used the same wireless router in my house for 20 years, until I had to work remotely for covid. I updated everything including the wireless router. Guess what? Testing my flash systems at home were flawless until I updated to a modern router. 

Canon would either have to allow the receivers in the flash to DYNAMICALLY reset the receiver without you having to power cycle them (this would have to be a change on the actual flash unites, not just the transmitter), or offer an option to operate the radios in the less used 330-400mhz bandwidth that is far less used today in modern wifi... this is what pocket wizards use.

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