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EOS Rebel SL2 Stock flash

My normal pop up flash is firing before I take a photo in auto and manual tried resetting all setting back to stock and didn’t help hopefully someone on here has had this issue and knows how to fix 

JamesLens by Occasional Contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Canon CPS Inventory Reduced

Has anyone else had their CPS equipment inventory drastically reduced by Canon, resulting in no longer qualifying for the existing membership level?  All of a sudden, my inventory seems backdated by years, only showing less than half of the points I ...

EOS R6 depletes battery when turned off

Hi,I'm fighting with problem for weeks now. The camera depletes the fully charged battery completely after few days even when it's completely turned off during that time (the power dial on camera is in OFF position).I went through many forums without...

Problem updating EOS RP to firmware ver. 1.6

I am encountering a firmware update issue on my EOS RP, which has bricked my camera 4 times as I have attempted to update it several times without success. I am running firmware version 1.5 and have attempted to update to 1.6. I go to the Canon USA s...

John_SD by Reputable Contributor
  • 5 replies

Photos come out with a warm tint

Hello. I have recently bought the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Whenever I take pictures under artificial lighting, the pictures come out with a warm tint and is a bit grainy. It does not look like anything that you would see through your eyes, but a more satu...

Aliise by New Contributor
  • 7 replies

R5 Noise

I do lots of wildlife photography with my R5 and compare it with my fellow photographers who have the same body camera for some reason, I have lots of noise in my images and they don't.I always shoot with electronic high-speed continuous plus.Can som...

Resolved! Feature Request - "DSLR mode" for RF cameras

I switched from using the 5DIV to the R5 and R6 and couldn't be happier with the cameras and their image quality. However, the amazing rear screens have caused me to develop some pretty awful usage habits that are leading to a lot of back and neck pa...

90D Live Shooting vs Interval Timer

I sometimes do astrophotrography on my 90D  with 1 sec exposures (I don't have the sky-watcher yet for my tripod). When I go through the camera settings menu, I notice that with the mirror down, on page 5 I have interval timer available, but if I put...

skibumdon by Occasional Contributor
  • 5 replies

custom settings - Canon EOS R

I have set one of the custom settings for bird photography. During the shoot the light was fading so I increased the ISO to 800 (it was stored at 400). After a short while and with the camera always switched on and always on the same custom setting, ...

BryanShaw1 by Occasional Contributor
  • 4 replies

A rebel upgrade ?

Hey y'all. Right now I have an original Rebel who is on her last legs after decades of use. I do primarily wildlife photography, specifically with birds, and I'm looking to upgrade what I take into the field with me.My dream cameras are the R6 or 90D...

EOS RP Bag for Body Only

So, not to show my age or anything - but recently upgraded from EOS ELAN (yes, Elan) to RP - and I need to purchase a body only camera bag so I can toss the RP into my travel backpack.Any recommendations on a body only bag would be greatly appreciate...

johnusnsd by New Contributor
  • 7 replies

Camera not turning on in high humidity ?

I have an EOS Rebel SL2 T6 200D that I purchased in December 2018. I recently took the camera to a trip to Costa Rica to a rainforest area with very high levels of humidity (80% and above). The first day the camera turned on normally but from the 2nd...

Resolved! Cannot Get EOS 1DX Firmware to Update

Happy New Year!  Tonight I tried to update the firmware on my 1DX from firmware 1.1.4 to the newest updated firmware. I know, it's been a while since I updated teh firmware.  I am positive that I followed teh correct steps & my battery was fully char...

AmyLR by New Contributor
  • 5 replies

Focus zone is stuck in the top left

I was taking photos this evening and the camera was working great and has been great since I purchased it a few months ago. Then I noticed the focus point is stuck in the top left even when there is a person in front of the camera. No matter what I d...