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Pixma ix6820 code B200 error. If I can't fix it, is it worth doing a Canon trade-in?


Deciding if I should completely toss my printer or try Canon's trade-in program. For those who did the trade-in, how did it go? Was it worth the trouble and cost? I assume Canon will give a small discount/store credit for the trade-in.

For full context: I own 2 Canon Pixma ix6820.

Printer #1 could only print in B&W because the color nozzles are deeply clogged. Cleaning with distill water and/or isopropyl alcohol won't clear it. Whatever, a B&W only printer is fine by me.

Printer #2 was printing B&W and color just fine UNTIL 3 weeks ago. It won't even start/warm up anymore. The printer would flash 10 times and "Support Code B200... printer needs repair" pops up on my computer.

When I swap printheads between #1 and #2, the problems swapped as well. Printer #1 is now experiencing B200 and Printer #2 can print B&W. In other words, the B200 error had to do with the printhead. I searched youtube, reddit, Canon forum, and tried out most of the solutions: clean the printhead, timely shutting the lid as the printhead moves pass a specific point, re-stalling the driver. Everything except covering up the pins because that's days of trial and error-- no thanks.

I even tried installing a new printhead (model QY6-0086). I tried buying a "genuine" Canon printhead but it never arrived. All the other options were generic QY6-0086 printhead, so I gave one of those a try and it didn't work either. Still got B200. By the way, I'm using 2 computers-- one is Windows 11 and the other is Windows 7. Still getting B200 on both.

I'm at a complete lost. Deciding to completely toss the printer and switch to Epson. Or try Canon's trade-in program. But there's not a lot of info about it online other than you have to phone call Canon. I would like to know what I'm getting myself into before I make the call.


Product Expert
Product Expert


B200 is a general hardware failure of the printer and it could cost more to repair compared to replacing it. 

The Canon Upgrade program allows you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product discounted from the list price. Free ground shipping is included with your purchase. You can reach out to them for more information without having to commit to a purchase. 

The Sales Department can be reached at (866) 443-8002 Mon-Sat, 9 AM to 9pm EST excluding holidays.

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