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Inaccurate colors printing with PIXMA G7020


  I just got this printer and am trying to print some images of artwork i scanned.  So far the colors are way off when I print either through the windows photo app or photoshop.  I downloaded the recommended software by canon, Easy-photo print, and it prints better but the settings are very limited and I don't see a way to print the correct size.  You just select the paper size and then it's either select or deselect borderless printing.  So regardless of the file size, that's the option for size selection as far as I can tell.  

  I know it's not a technical issue with the printer, I just set it up and followed all the instructions and did test print pages.  It's not as if there's a lack of ink or somethings not aligned properly.  It's just a poor quality reproduction compared to what I had hoped for.  And the files themselves are nothing too detailed, but compared to prints I had done at a commercial printer these prints are night and day.  I know their equipment is better but still, I have a hard time believing this printer can't handle this.  Also, I did my best to select the correct media.  Unfortunately the drop down bar doesn't have an option that matches the paper I have.  I bought Canon photo paper pro Premium Matte, which isn't an option, so I tried a couple different ones-Premium luster and Photo matte, but it didn't make much difference.  Print quality selected was High btw.  Not sure what else I can do, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you



Product Expert
Product Expert


What version of Windows or MacOS is the printer installed on? Or is it connected to an Android or iOS device? 

We look forward to your reply. 



Greetings Jab133,

It would be helpful if you could answer ArthurJ's questions.

Color calibration is part of a workflow.  If the color on your prints don't match what you see on your screen, it might be because the color space, profile or calibration of your display doesn't match.  Here's an example.  Let's say you take a photo in a dark room.  The resulting image is dark with heavy shadows.  You open the image on your computer and turn the display brightness up on your monitor all the way.  The image brightens up a bit.  However, the image will still be dark if you try and print it if the color profile, space or gamma doesn't match the display.  Color works the same way.  If the profiles don't match, the resulting prints might appear dull or over saturated even if they look correct on your display.  

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