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I'm not sure what to do with this printer, apart from the fact that it runs out of ink too quick. But I actually want to know why it does this, it never prints the whole page, as you can see at the moment of both of these documents.  
What paper material is the best to use for printing photos on my Canon Pixma MG2522?
 As you can see on the right, the coloring, layout and lettering aren't in the same position as the original page as pictured on the left. Maybe it has something to do with printing lined paper before I got around with blank paper? I even tried clean...
There is something wrong with my MG2522 printer when I print out a document with its original color like this one, it comes looking like this. By the way, this picture was taken after I threw in the trash, given the piece of paper's crumpled appearan...
If this is possible by any chance, what do I can to have my photos or documents printed from my MG2522 printer via my Samsung smartphone. If so, what other device will be required to connect the two together?
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