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Printer Canon MB2120

The On and traingle yello lights always on. When I unplug and replug the outlet, these lights turn back on automatically. How can I get these fix, so I can get the cartridges replace and have the printer function normal again?


IMAGECLASSMF6160dw I have never had any issues like this before, display keeps saying paper jam and takes you through the 5 steps to remove the paper jam and of course there is no jam.  I cannot get it to move off of the paper jam message so that kee...

VDTRANS by Apprentice
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Canon MF249DW Copy Problems

Our MF249DW has developed a new bug. The copy function results in the middle 3+ inches of the original being printed on the document copy. The left and right 2+inches are blank. All print and scan efforts from two windows 10 computers are functioning...

mrmceacd by Apprentice
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Cannot print pdf files

I own a Canon 2550 printer and was able to print pdf files with no problem until I purchased a computer with Windows  8.0 on it (since upgraded to 8.1).  Now I cannot print pdf files, but can print WORD and Excel files.  I have communicated with Cano...

different file name

Hi i have a Maxify MB2150, everytime i copy a document it always saves the file with the same file name or number in this case.If i move the PDF file i have just copied to a folder it always comes up with File already exists do i want to replaace, sk...

bear100 by Apprentice
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Canon imageCLASS MF731Cdw does not turn on.

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you can help me.A few weeks ago I bought the Canon imageCLASS MF731Cdw printer for my office, the first 2 weeks worked very well, I was surprised with the ease that it prints and scans.Yesterday I arrived at the office...

4.jpeg 1.jpeg 2.jpeg
dAz1337 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon MF726 Cdw keeps jamming.

A few weeks ago, our business printer started jamming.How it does it is really weird. The paper goes through the rollers, gets to where it sticks out into the tray, and locks up at the bottom of the back of the printer. The paper is basically stretch...

Large Format, iPF785 Scanner Not Scanning Properly

Hello, We seem to be having trouble with our Cannon iPF785 Scanner. So far we've tried restarting the program, along with the PC and also changing the fomat in which the files are saved.It prints just fine, but it will not scan 24"x36" pages.  Once t...

Image Class MF838Dcdw Horizonal Band

Hello There, I have a Image Class MF838Dcdw printer and after being idle it will print about 1/2 inch horizontal black band on the paper.  It does't matter if the paper is coming from the tray, paper feeder, or the bed.  If the machine is idle and th...

HearHear by Apprentice
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