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Scan to email with Office 365


I have a client with an iR-ADV C2030 who just migrated to Office 365 and no longer have an Exchange server. I'm trying to get scan to email working again (it was setup previously via their old Exchange server) and I was able to get it working by setting up a virtual SMTP server in their new 2012 Essentials server but it's problematic and I want to get away from using any server if possible and go directly from the C2030 to O365.


In the C2030's email/fax settings you can set it up for SMTP RX an there are fields for SMTP Server, Email Address; and for SMTP TX, allow SSL and using SMTP authentication you specify a user email address and password.


I am assuming this is where it might be setup but if so I don't know what to fill in the fields with.


Has anyone setup a C2030 or a similar enough model for scan to email to Office 365 accounts that could guide me on how to do it? I haven't found anything specific enough at either Canon's or Microsoft's websites to be of help.





Not for a Canon specifically but it might get you pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for your reply. I forgot to post that I found another solution. Thanks again though for your help, I've bookmarked that link.


Hi, thanks for posting! Canon does not provide direct support for imageRUNNER series products, but your dealer will be able to help you! If you don't have a dealer, please call us at 1-800-OKCANON (652-2666) and we will be happy to provide dealers who are in your area.

Thanks for your help. I forgot to post I found another solution.

What was the solution that you found???

My company uses a web host that we can use for SMTP relay. We just create a user for them in our web host account and use those credentials on the Canon. We haven't yet been able to figure out a better way to do it. The SMTP service on 2012 does work, but is not as reliable as needed.


This is something that really needs a reliable, global solution as Microsoft is trying to get everyone to use Office 365 and not everyone has an on-premise solution to use for the SMTP relay for whatever brand of MFD. As people move from on-premise Exchange to Office 365, they lose their ability to do things like SMTP relay for MFD's.



There's Udocx, a cloud based service, to connect MFPs from all major brand MFPs/MFDs to Office 365 and other DMS systems. It allows you to send scans to your contacts and includes OCR. More details on





Can anyone help to configure scan to email on my Canon imageRunner C3520 with Office 365 with direct send because only need to set up to sent scan documents on my O365 users only.


Thanks in advance



Hi, Waseem!

Thanks for posting! While our forum community members are welcome to chime in, Canon does not provide direct support for imageRUNNER series products. Instead, your dealer will be able to help you! If you don't have a dealer and you're in the United States, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) and we will be happy to provide you with the names of dealers in your area.

If you're outside the USA, visit and choose your country or region from the map for local support.

We hope this helps!

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