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Canon IR2520 Printer Network Problem

Dear All, I am facing problem with ir2520. When I am pinging to the printer from any system connected to my office network its respond time is 100ms or more. Due to this print is going very slow or some time its not going to print. My others Printers...

Error code: E000001-0003

Printer:  c5051Problem:  it doesn't print, shows a message on bottom of its display "Check the printer. call service representative".When I press the Settings, it shows the following message:Contact your service rep with the error code:   E000001-000...

bold by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

configure MF8500 scan to e-mail with office 365

Dears,i tried to configure Canon MF8500C scan toe-mail with office 365, i have configured everuthing but i got error #806 (invalid username or password) i am sure about them, but i noticed that the IEEE 802.1x is grayed out and i could not enable TLS...

Canon ImageClass MF8580cdw is not printing black

I changed black toner cartridge with a Genuine Canon cartridge and the printer is no longer printing black (YES I installed the toner correctly with removal of all necessary items from the new toner). There is the occasional time that it prints corre...

jsheriff by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Imageclass MF 5950dw - yesterday stopped scanning

Yesterday my Imageclass MF 5950dw stopped scanning - printer can't find computer, computer can't find printer, though they are connected with a cable.  But it would still print. Today, printer appears to be offline, though it is connected and on.  Th...

furnarie by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Scanning to windows 8.1 MF4780FW

I am having trouble scanning from the MF4780FW. When trying to scan from the printer, it detects two PCs on our network.A Win7(32bit) machine, and my own Win8.1(64bit) PC. The printer scans perfectly to the Win7 PC, but when trying to scan to my PC, ...

Claude1 by Apprentice
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MF8580cdw won't install on my computer

I just purchased the MF8580cdw and I have 2 computers.  One has a disk drive, the other doesn't.  The one with the disk drive is fine, everything is up and running correctly.  The one without the disk drive however is giving me a very hard time.  I w...

lamom23 by Apprentice
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Imageclass D1350 install problems

I am trying to install my Imageclass D1350 to my new PC.  I downloaded the drivers and plugged in the USB and it poped up - but says it does NOT have drivers installed.   What do I do next?

MF6180dw Scan File not in folder

I have a MF6180dw set up on a small office network. I have the Canon MF Toolbox 4.9 loaded onto my ASUS laptop with Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system , x64-based processor.In the past, until recently, I have been able to put a document into the top...

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