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Resolved! MF 240 won't print but scans

I bought Canon MF 244DW.I connect the peinter throght USB cable port.Everithing was fine and I print and scan to today.Today I can scan documents but can't print.My operation sistem is macOs Sierra 10.12.4.Please for help!Thank you in advance

megias by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Very slow network scanning MF4570dn + Cisco Catalyst 2960

Good day everyone. There is a MFP Canon mf4570dn. Everything worked fine, one day scan speed has decreased significantly. More precisely, the scan goes as usual, but processing in MF Toolbox (the green loading bar) goes longer than necessary. When sc...

Chaarat by Apprentice
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Hello All, I have a Canon 4890dw that is giving a false paper jam. I have gone thru all of the promps for removing the paper jam, including emptying the paper tray. It will print, but I can not scan or fax. And the error message will not go, so I can...

Re. Canon MB 2720

My new MB 2720 is printing very slow.  I am using a Mac Book Pro woth OS 10.11.6  Has anyone experience this problem and found a solution.  

"Connect to Computer" Canon MF230 ImageClass

Hi all! I can't get my printer to print even though I see two printers and it was printing fine a few days ago.  I am printing w(or was) wirelessly and I hard-reset my router so I am thinking my static ip changed.  I don't know.  ll I know is that I ...

MF 4370 dn got e000 error

Hi, my printer got paper jammed and after I removed the paper. I showed e000 error when I tried to print it. I don't know what it means? is there a way to remove it and make it work again? Thanks, Mike.

Color ImageClass MF634Cdw

Hi, I just purchased a new printer for the office. It worked beautifully the first day, then yesterday it started having paper handling problems, e.g.: I had it on Auto for the paper input, but it wouldn't print on the paper I put through the MP slot...

Illyria by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

mf628cw printer can't copy

The printer is able to print and scan but won't copy.I don't have toner in the 3 colour cartridges but I have in the black one. I tried to clean and initialise some settings but to no avail. please help!

emakb by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon ImageClassMF249dw

I just put in a new canon CAN137 cartridge and my error light is flashing and the an error keeps coming up that the cartridge is at end of cartridge lifetime.  It was purchased at Staples and just opened out of new box. I have followed all steps on s...

Photos in feeder

Hi, I have a MF628CW printer and would like to scan in a lot of photos. Can I use the included feeder or do I have to get a special feeder? Will it cause a jam? Thanks!

Scanner driver will not install. MF4880dw

I have a Windows 10 desktop PC connected to an MF4880dw via the network. We recently tried to scan from the printer and the toolbox didn't think the printer was online even though it was and I could print to it. I found that there was a patch for the...

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