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M6 mark ii

how Can I keep the camera from shutting of? I can set the cameras time for auto shutoff to 30 minutes but I need to have at least an hour. I just need the screen to stay on.

Mykdw by Apprentice
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Connecting an EOS M50 for streaming

Hi everybody!I was hoping someone could help me with what might be a very basic question. I just wanted to clarify before I spend money on something and it doesn't work!I purchased a Canon EOS M50 last summer, my first real camera and I've loved it t...

EOS R, EF-S Lens Crop Loss of Megapixels

I currently using a t2i Canon 18 mp crop sensor camera, According to Canon, when EF-S lenses are used on the EOS R camera the camera "will automatically produce cropped 11.6-megapixel images that match the smaller image circle of EF-S optics." So a 3...

mindawoo by Apprentice
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Microphone bypass question

I have a Rebel EOS T6.  I want to record audio and video of a band at the same time, but would like to record out of their mixing board for high quality audio, instead of using the microphone.  The mixing board has a USB output.  Is this possible?  I...

huntjohn by Apprentice
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Resolved! EOS 6D Mark II Web Registration

Hi guys, I've just upgraded from a 70D to a 6D Mark II. I had the Wi-Fi working on the 70D and its comes up as registered on Canon Image Gateway.I can't get the 6D to register (I can connect to the PC and upload pictures) but when I run the EOS Utili...

Canon Rebel XS Autofocus Issue

Hey guys, Hope someone could help me with this. I have a Canon Rebel XS and I can't get the Autofocus to work when in live view. The switch is turned to AF on the lens, and it works fine when using the viewfinder. When I put the camera in live view m...

Resolved! Cannon T7i

Ok so I do not know a thing about this camera other then it is going to be awesome but fo those of you who have had one , what are some basics and some tips to know about this camera THANK YOU EVERYONE  for your help with picking it out for me glad I...

Barby64 by Enthusiast
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77D help with focusing using AI Servo

Hey all. I have a question about a Canon 77d and AI Servo. I am practicing with trying to get sharp action shots (on my dog for now) and I'm not having a lot of luck. My question: Does AI Servo continue to hunt while I am pressing the shutter and tak...

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