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Canon R50 Hot Shoe Mount


Okay so I feel like I made a mistake purchasing this camera. I'm now realising that this hot shoe is not a standard hot shoe. So, i'm trying to order a microphone but I no longer understand what I need to order.

Can someone please help me with this. Do I need to order a special microphone? I can't seem to order the hot shoe adapter because they are sold out everywhere.

This camera seems like a walled garden when it comes to attachments and lenses... I really think I made a mistake here.


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The camera manual says that a Canon DM-E1D is compatible with your camera. 

Most external microphones with a 3.5 mm plug can also be used according to the manual. 

Your camera manual can be found here:

R50 Advanced User Guide 

You should probably spend some time reading the manual and learn about your new camera. Search in the manual for "external microphone".

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Here is a link to compatible accessories for your camera:  

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