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Cannon connect new option (password)

Hello I've been using my canon 1300d for many years now, downloading thousands of photos, but today it's asking for a password, which I have never had to input before, I haven't downloaded new software on camera. I'm using a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra ...

johnjcb1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Err20 with a difference

Hi community,Have a 5d III that locks up with an err20. But when I rest it a few weeks, it will surprisingly work again, and will fire for a few sessions, before locking, like its draining power..It still has a <<50K shutter count, has never been wat...

Puds71 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! 6D II Exposure Compensation / AEB Problem

New 6D, Mark II.  When I open the the Expo.com//AEB Setting and push "Set" when the second menu appears the +/- key and "+" arrow markers are grayed out.  When I turn the dial behind the shutter button, only the "second" set of vertical lines appear....

Resolved! Rebel T6 SportMode AF Questions

I am trying to use my Rebel T6 to take pictures of my Grandsons playing baseball.  I am using the Sportmode with AF using continuous shooting.  However, I am findng that the camera isnt focusing on my subject even though I have it centered.  It seems...

Resolved! EOS 70D

Using a DSLR is a new experience for me. I would like to know why I need to press the shutter button twice when in CREATIVE  mode. Please advise. Thanks.

Bizzare T5i Error 01 Situation

I'm having a strange issue with a Canon T5i. It's the famous Err 01, but none of the solutions I've searched online work. I have the kit 18-55mm lens, 70-300 IS USM telephoto lens, and a 15-85 IS USM lens. All three lenses work just fine on other cam...

Resolved! Shutter freezes in creative zone mode 77D

Hi,I have a fairly new Canon 77D (probably only taken about 1000 shots). Everything works fine when I am in one of the automatic exposure settings. As soon as I switch it to manual, it will not take a picture without me pushing the shutter button twi...

Canon Clog 3 to M1 IPad Pro issues

I recently purchased a Canon R6 and the other day I did some video footage for my wife who is a real estate agent. When I tried to transfer the Clog 3 4K 60fps to my iPad I received an exclamation mark saying that clog was not supported for saving. I...

Freeze and stopped turning on

Hello, I have a canon 70d i was shooting some products at pic 25 it froze at it and stopped turning off even so i took out the battery then put it again and turned it on, not working properly so i turned it off then tried to turn it on again but didn...

Canon Gear

Hi, not sure if this is appropriate for this group, I'm not actually selling but looking for advice on selling. I tried photomarket but they removed the post.I am having short term (hopefully) financial issues. Was going to sell some Canon gear but h...

khunsu by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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