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EOS M50 autofocus while streaming not working


I use my M50 while streaming. I use OBS for filming and the camera utility for remote shooting/continuous feed. I need to be able to use autofocus while streaming but when I try using it, I can't get rid of the autofocus rectangle. The utility doesn't let me toggle it either. I've tried going through the camera menus and the camera utility, but so far I haven't found anything on how to get the autofocus box to go away and have a clean output for streaming and recording video through OBS.


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I have an M50 Mark II and I don't use it for streaming, but I know that clean HDMI output was one of the improvements of the Mark II over the original M50. If you have the latter I'm wondering if that's the limitation you're running into.

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II


Are connecting to the camera using HDMI or USB?

I believe the M50 lacks Movie Servo AF, which means that it cannot automatically and track subjects when recording video.  The M50 also lacks “Clean HDMI” output, which suggests the AF box will not “go away” until you turn off AF on the lens.

If you require AF tracking in video mode and “Clean HDMI” output, then you need to upgrade your camera to a more hybrid centric model.  Do not expect cinema camera performance from an entry level, budget priced camera.  Good Luck!

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