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No Audio With Webcam Application

I have just installed the web cam application ( for use with Zoom and the video works fine, but there is no audio. I am using an EOS SL2, connected to my laptop with USB to USB micro. Has anyone had this problem and if so,...

Canon camera connect focus stacking issues

I have a 70d. I've recently got 8nto macro using the old non-IS 100MM 2 8 lens. Today I found out the delights of using the CCC app to step focus for stacking. It's a bit slow but works fine for the most part except for one annoying thing that I can'...

MarkP32 by Contributor
  • 14 replies

Webcam Utility Just Quit Working (Windows)

Hi. I have a very strange problem. The webcam utility was working for me but one day just quit working. The strange thing is that regular "EOS Utility" DOES work and I can even see live video with it. But when I try to use the webcam utility I only g...

Zoombrowser HELP can I transfer my keywords into another program

hi I have recently installed Windows 10 & and Zoombrowser  no longer works. I believe imagebrowser is also not available for Windows 10.  I would advise by Canon technical support that they do not have another program for editing photographs. I have ...

JJK by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Eos Utility 3 can not store to network drive

Hi!I got a question about my storage device and Canon software. When i try to take a picture and store it on my file server the Eos Utility shows no more shots is aviable. The file server got full read and write permissions. do the app needs more tha...

qwerty95 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Looking for photo editing software

I have been using Picasa as my photo management and editing software for many years. I also use GIMP 2.6  as the next step up editor. I am looking for something to replace my PICASA... especially the photo editing features... It has some excellent fe...

EOSWebcamUtility-WIN1.1 (on windows pro)

System: Zoom , canon 6d, windows 10 pro, oes utilityI start Zoom ans start a meating: Zomm unable to detect camera...I Install Eos webcam utiliy, reboot Failed to start the video camera. Please select another video camera in setting In team, I don;t ...

bashtop by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Canon EOS M50 Utility Software

Can someone help me catch up to why there is no EOS M50 Utility software to download. I've been looking for days and days and every time I go to the page its the same thing. There is no software on this page. Only firmware updates. Did Canon do away ...

tzenco74 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS utility update for Big Sur

Any idea when Canon will do the required testing /updatin and verify EOS Utility to work with Mac Big Sur?  This happens everytime Apple upgrades the OS.  It seems that, given the high use of Mac products in the photography world, Canon would be a bi...

EOS Utility not opening on new laptop

Hi guys, I have purchased a new laptop and downloaded the EOS Utility software to transfer my images. When I connect the cable and turn on the camera, the first part loads but it doesn't get past the initial screen. It works perfectly fine on my old ...

Software for Webcam utility

Hello, I can not find the software to use "Webcam Utility" on my Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitain version 10.11 6). I have a Canon M50.  Can any body help me please ?   

Cyril by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Webcam Utility problem

Hello, I can not find the software to use "Webcam Utility" on my Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitain version 10.11 6). I have a Canon M50.  Can any body help me please ? 

Cyril by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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