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EOS Webcam Utility Not Working

Hey,So I installed the software in December of 2020 for my Canon Rebel T6s and had to no problem with it until a month ago when I had a Zoom call and only the logo appeared. I uninstalled my webcam utility including the driver on device manager. Now ...

Roboroy by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! EOS Webcam utility not installing

I always experience an error while installing the v1.0 of the webcam utility. After the "Preparing Installation" phase, it always give me the error message "EOS Webcam utility setup ended prematurely because of an error." Does someone also experience...

jbnaronz by Apprentice
  • 26 replies

EOS Webcam Utility not showed as a camera option

Hi, I'm trying to use the EOS Utility on my Mac with my T5i it works on Skype but I don't see the option to use it com zoom, Google, meet, or any other app. The camera and all apps used are updated. Mac OSX version: 11.5Camera Firmware: 1.1.5Zoom ver...

Skype Zoom Google meet

DPP not seeing jpg or cr2 photos

I just bought a used PowerShot S120. Everything works great on it! So, I downloaded and installed DPP. I attached my S120 to my Windows 10 laptop using the USB to Mini USB cord. Then open the location/folder to the my S120. DPP doesn't see anything! ...

Image transfer from DPP to Photoshop

I slight annoying thing that I can't seem to figure out how to fix is when I transfer an image from DPP to Photoshop, essentially when photoshop opens like thisas you can see the layers menu gets crammed in the upper left of the screen, not a big dea...

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 12.04.33 PM.png

Edit jpg photos on PSE 2021?

Got some photos from a friend to add to a magazine article. Photos were fair but sorely needed some TLC as to editing. I would guess they were taken with a cell phone. I pulled up PSE and picked one jpg photo.  Instead of going to Guided for editing,...

Canon 1500d as a webcam

Can i use canon EOS 1500d as a webcam for my pc.Does it supports the EOS webcam utility software.Please let me know! 

Bhagath by Apprentice
  • 1 replies


Wondering if anyone else is having issues with editing photos in DPP. Transferring photos from my R5 using a MacBookAir, Big Sur 11.6, it takes between 3-4 minutes for a photo to load before I can begin editing. On Canon's website, it recommends DPP ...

Change Canon EOS Webcam Utility Offline Image

Hey there guys, Im using the Canon EOS 200D Mark II with the Canon Webcam Utility. However it disconnects quite often.Ive tried many ways to prevent that error (change battery, change usb cable, change usb port, reninstall software) . However it stil...


Canon DPP4 some features don't work

Hi, I am new to Canon DPP4 app.  I took some tutorials on youtube, I don't know why some features mentioned in  tutorials either greyed out(disabled) or gave me error. I am working on CR3 files taken using R6. e.g, for Gamma Adjustment, the auto butt...

Editing HEVC using Adobe Premier Elements 2021

I have a Canon R5 and enjoy using it both for stills and video.  The camera setting used to record my video seems fairly straightforward to me.  The setting is:  “1920x1080, 59.94 fps, Light (IPB).  And I have no problem either recording, viewing or ...

WesJan by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Canon PowerShot S2 IS Camera Not Working With EOS Webcam

I have a PowerShot S2 IS camera that is a couple years old(to me). I would really like to use the EOS webcam utility, but whenever I connect the camera to my computer, the camera goes into picture mode. So, the webcam preview shows up as just the eos...

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