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EOS Utility 2 download for Canon Rebel Xsi


Hello, I can not find a way to download utility 2 for my camera. On the Canon website, there is no option to select the Rebel Xsi as my product. I downloaded the most recent version of EOS Utility from the Canon website, but Utility 2 is not present in that download. When I try to use utility 3, it sends a message telling me to download Utility 2. I also attempted to download the digital solution disk software (which says it contains Utility 2), but my serial number sticker has been rubbed so that the serial number is not visible


Hello, Cameron, and welcome to the forum.

I wish I could be more precise, but I have an XSi and it connects to my Win 10 laptop with EOSU 2. Now, I've had 4 different cameras since I've had this system (about 3 years) and I suspect EOSU 2 was installed when I was using the EOS 5D mark IV. I save everything, so I have the first EOSU install for my current system, which is "euw3.13.20.4.exe" dated 3/30/21. I just found it on the EOS 5D mark IV support site, so it is still there. You might want to download that and it should install EOSU 2. You will have to keep pressing "Load more" until you get to this old file. There may be a newer version, but as mentioned, I just don't recall which one installed EOSU 2.


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Newtons method should work, but I haven't seen any downloads for the EOS Utility prior to 3.15.x.  Might be out there somewhere.

You can get the serial number of your camera by reading the properties of one of its RAW files.  

In the end, using a card reader might be the easiest solution.  

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