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Moving DPP 4 to a new computer

I'd like to find an easy way to copy all settings, layouts, lenses, etc to a new computer rather than trying to recreate all my environment and settings. Can this be done? Thanks.

in4m8n by Enthusiast
  • 20 replies

DPP frequently crashes

I'm using DPP 4.x for a long time (starting with 3.x long time ago) without stability problems and I'm regularly updating it.However since I updated to 4.16.11 it frequently crashes while editing an image. It crashes randomly right after a mouse clic...

dpp4user by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Downloading into Windows 10 Photos not working

When I plug my camera into my Windows 10 computer by USB it can't find my photos ... it finds one and then never stops looking. I've tried this with several cameras,and on several computers and I get the same result. contact me at [contact informatio...

EOS Utility 3 "Lost Connection" in Live Shooting

I have been shooting in "Live Shooting" mode in EU3 for the past few years with no problem. I recently purchased a new laptop which runs Windows 11. When I try using Live shooting it freezes with the message ""Lost Connection" On a few occasions I ha...

Bob9 by Contributor
  • 6 replies


I own  Canon Powershot sx60hs. I purchased during 2014 and able to use wifi function. I enjoyed the web service by transferring images from my aforementioned  camera through canon image gateway to youtube, facebook and other web service platformsBut ...

EOS R5 Software macOS Ventura Compatibility

Will the canon EOS R5 software compatibility be updated to be compatible with Mac OS Ventura? The only package not working is the communication EOS software. I can open it and use it with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to the Mac but not usb c. 

Resolved! EOS R6 with macOS Monterey 12.5 M1

I searched and could find only discussions related to Zoom, for which the EOS R6 seems incompatible at this time. My question is as follows:I just bought a Canon EOS R6 camera for work. My work computer is an M1 Mac running macOS Monterey 12.5 (21G72...

Resolved! EOS Utility 3.15.20 won't USB connect my R6 iMac Catalina

I have an EOS M50 that gets recognized as soon as I plug it in to my iMac.  When I plug in my R6, nada.  Both have wi-fi disabled.  My M50 doesn't even have the latest firmware update.  My R6 does.  Also, the cable works with other devices.  My last ...

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