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Best Compatibility File Format MacOS

Hello! I'm looking to change my normal flow and potentially switch from saving my raw files in .CR3 to another format. I am after best compatibility from MacOS perspective (e.g. previewing in finder with space, printing CR3, no corruption, etc) and A...

JarrallB by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

DPP4 not finding photos

DPP4 is not finding my photos on the SD card. They are on the computer and I can get to them that way but not via DPP4. I have tried a different card, no luck. It just continues to search.

Resolved! DPP Source Folder Panel is Missing

After years of using DPP, the file source folder panel (on the left) is missing.  Today, I also updated to 4.16.11 and it's the same issue.  File previews are gone.  I don't see an option to open it in "tools" or "window".  I never needed to make an ...

Current Panels 2.jpg Current Panels.jpg Source Folder.jpg

Resolved! EOS Webcam Utility - Rebel T6

Hi everyone!New to the community and would like to know where I can download the webcam utility.  I am not seeing it when I go through the process to download it.  I've tried using MacOS BigSur which is what I have now and Catalina and nothing shows ...

Nicola by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon Mirrorless Camera Profiles in Lightroom

Do you shoot with an R series camera? Are you annoyed at how flat and green your files look when you import them into Lightroom, and how much tweaking you need to do before you land on a deliverable edit?Well, I feel like I was living under a rock fo...

yashi by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS Webcam Utility stopped working

I have been successfully using my Canon M50 as a webcam via the EOS Webcam utility until today. I had a typical, smooth zoom call this morning, but when I tried to use zoom this afternoon, when I turned on the EOS webcam utility, zoom kept crashing. ...

EDL by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

RAW/JPEG time offset on files

Recently vacationed in Greece and set time/date to local Greek time. In reviewing files back home, noticed RAW files 10 hours ahead of JPEG time (correct shooting time).  There is an offset of 10 hours from here to Greece, but why would RAW/JPEG file...

StevenJS by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Focus won't work on Canon Utility

Can you help with this, I create YouTube videos and have been using the Utility to help me focus on my face. My sister was messing about with my camera settings and don't know what she has done but gone to film another video and it won't let me focus...


Resolved! EOS 2 vs EOS 3 untility

Got a new laptop (with Windows 11 ), Installed the Canon tools including EOS Utilities.So I connect my trusty 70D via the special USB cable and expect the EOS utility to download my latest images to the laptop. But noThe EOS utility wants to find my...

sjmunroe by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Is ZoomBrowser EX and PhotoStitch Available for download?

I have a Canon powershot A95, and I would like to download PhotoStitch and ZoomBrowser EX, but the only downloads I can find that are not updaters are third party, and possibly malware. I would like to know if the apps can be downloaded directly from...

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