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Resolved! DPP4 Auto Lighting Optimizer -- Enhancements not Saved

Hello:I am using the DPP4 Auto Lighting Optimizer on jpeg files that were created using the auto settings on a Rebel T7. The pictures look better using this feature, but when I save the picture the changes (making the images brighter) are not saved. ...

MarkinPA by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Software for PowerShot SX50HS

I am using a PowerShot SX50HS. I have a new computer, OS Windows 11. I want to upload my photos. What is the appropriate software to download? I have the original CDs with CameraWindow and Zoom Browser EX, but those are, I think, intended for earlier...

Create a preset of exposure settings in EOS Utility

I am using a MK4 and I have an event I shoot entirely from my computer.  My work station is not close to my camera and sometimes end up using about 40ft of tethering cable.  There are several times a day that I need to very quickly ramp up my shutter...

JBird by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Eos R Webcam Utility

So I recently installed the Eos Webcam utility for use with an Eos R on a windows 10 laptop. I when any camera app tries to use the canon camera it freezes and the computer keeps making the sounds as though a usb device is disconnecting. Now, I have ...

smg708 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon EOS Webcam Issue

I have been using the EOS Webcam Utility since the Beta release. Currently I have the latest release installed for Windows 10 that supports the Canon T6i. The camera is powered with an AC adapter so there is no issue with the battery discharging.The ...

pvb2112 by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Utility for Rebel XSi Windows 10??

I've got a Canon Rebel XSi that I want to use on a copy stand connected to newish HP laptop running Windows 10. I cannot find a Canon Utility for this combination. Is there a utility so I can control and photo remotely from the computer connected wit...

Connecting to EOS Utilities

I have a Rebel SL2 and I am now experiencing difficulty connecting to the EOS Utilities on my 2019 MacBook Air 11.6.2.  I opened EOSUtility.App and the window EOS Utility Launcher opened.  I had been using Live Shoot to capture images on my MacBook A...

DBob by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! EOS Utility 3 does not recognize EOS 70D

My EOS 70D is not recognized by EOS Utility 3. I can connect my camera to my computer and access it through EOS Utility 2 as expected, but when trying to "force" start EOS Utility 3 (double click on "EOS Utility 3.exe" in the EU3 folder) I just get a...

Resolved! DPP 4.9.20 Convert and Save is not working

Hi, When trying to Convert and Save from RAW to JPG, after clicking on the Save button, it shows it's doing something for a couple of seconds but then no file appears. I see this issue has appeared in previous versions of the software. Is there a sol...

Resolved! DPP: Export Collections to another PC?

I need to export collections from my laptop to my pc to reference the ones i picked out and added to collections.I was hoping there would be a way to export them or a file i could find easily and copy over to my new PC but having searched high and lo...

Samawry by Contributor
  • 8 replies

EOS Utility Shuts Off on Own During Live-View Usage

So I have a Rebel t2i connected to my PC (Windows 10) with the USB port, and it automatically starts the EOS Utility software when I connect it, but after 30 minutes (I have multiple videos that show it's 30 minutes) the software will automatically s...

Kpop by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Canon EOS Utility for MacOS Monterey (12.1)

Hi There, I would like to connect my Canon 90D + MacOS Monterey (12.1) for remote live view shooting. EOS Utility I have is 13.15.0. Im not able to establish a successful connection. I have started EOS Utility in my Mac. Still, On my Camera, it just ...

sk1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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