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5D mark ii not recognized, Eos Utility 3

HIAfter updating to Catalina , Eos 2 no longer permitted remote shooting but continued to allow file transfer. After updating the EOS utility to version 3 the camera is not recognizable.  Does anyone know if this is a generalized problem or specific ...

paull by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

DPP and Raw Burst

For a CR3 raw-burst file, both the camera (eg. R6MII) and DPP don't have an option to export more than 1 frame at a time.  Does anyone know if there's a submission process to Canon to get that limitation fixed so all the frames in the CR3 roll can be...

Looking for a large image preview in EOS Utility 3

I currently have a "Canon EOS 6D Mark 2". I have been utilizing "ESO utility 3" on my Windows 11 laptop to look at my photos as I take live, but the downside is that it only shows up as large thumbnail images. Is there a setting inside "ESO utility 3...

DCA1981 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

DPP4 Adding Text to Photo

I downloaded Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 and cannot find where I can add text to a photo.Can you send me step by step instructions on How to add text to a photo using this software?  Please

CherylB by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Transfering photos to editors?

For a while I had used Dropbox but they have started charging for the service. I have used it in the past with great success. I have looked at two things one magazine requested: WeTransfer and YouSendIt. They all charge but offer different plans. I c...

Automatically Upload Photos from EOS Rebel T7

Hello there! I recently purchased a canon rebel t7 camera, and one of the things that drew me to it was the fact that it said I was able to upload photos automatically to things like google photos. Still, I am having difficulties figuring out how. I ...

Resolved! Canon R6 and Canon Connect App on iPhone

I am trying to use the Canon Connect App to transfer photos from camera to phone. I have never had a problem previously, last did it in November.Each time I hit import an error message comes up and says 'to save images on the camera to the smartphone...

Resolved! Digital Photo Professional and MacBook

I have a new !!! EOS R6 Mark II.  I installed Digital Photo Professional on my MacBook Pro M2 (running OSX Ventura).  I have two questions:1.  My camera downloads to Digital Photo Professional.  I would like to be able to download photos to Mac Photo...

EOS Utility connection lost

Hi,This seems to be a somewhat common issue.  I've tried the ideas i have seen in threads/forums and am still having no luck.I am wanting to tether remotely ideally via the cable I bought between my Windows 11 laptop (bought for this reason!) and my ...

Resolved! Update date and time error

Hi,I have a powershot SX60 HS and I am unable to connect to the new server image.cannon I am also unable to connect to my iPhone to have my pictures transferred that way. it keeps giving me an error that props me to update date and time and I have ch...

Resolved! Connecting to Image.Canon Wifi Date Time Error

Hi I have 2 sx530HS and both were setup with Image Gateway and all was working fine no problems until the shutdown of the server.  Today I tried to connect them to the new Image.Canon server and every time I try the update cloud button on the cameras...

R6 mkii and tethering with lightroom.

Hey folks ,Anyone with an r6 mkii having issues tethering to lightroom ? LR says it supports the mkii  but I can't get it to read . I had no problem tethering with r6 but can't get the r6 mkii to be recognized . any insight would be welcome . Thanks ...

Canon EOS Webcam Utility - Windows 11 Not Working

I am currently at a loss for what could be the issue with my EOS Webcam Utility on my Windows 11 PC.  Here is some context on my setup and what the issue is.Running latest version of the EOS Webcam Utility for Windows 11 (1.2)Using an EOS R5 with the...

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