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XF605 not turning off

I have a XF605 and the power switch will not turn off the camera. I have to remove the battery to turn it off but when I plug the battery back in it turns back on even though the power switch is in the off postions. Anyone have any suggestions.

Canon XJ60x9B HD Box Lens

We have a Canon XJ60x9B HD Box Lens and we are using a BlackMagic URSA Mini G2 with it.  Everything worked for a couple of months and all of the sudden we can't pull focus past a certain point when we zoom in or out on the x1 and x2 settings.  At som...

XC10 Cfast error

Hello. I just purchased a used XC10. I bought a new Cfast card - SP Cinema PRO Cfast 2.0 256 GB - from Amazon. When I try to initialize the card I get a message saying "process terminated with error." Is that card not compatible with this camera for ...

XA40 Custom Picture profiles missing?

I just picked up my XA40 on Monday, I updated to the latest Firmware mainly for the Custom Picture profiles. I have seen these for several other models and that are have some defaule settings for CP1 - CP6, but when I look at these profiles, ...

canon xa40 - Audio menu issue

Hello,I have a class set of Canon XA-40 cameras and i'm having an issue with just one of them.  My issue is the audio menu #1 is greyed out and I am not able to select anything thus the audio on the camera isn't working properly.  I've been searching...

Sharkcam by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

C300 mkiii run/stop

Hey folks!Does C300 mkiii support run/stop capabilities? I want to use Nucleus-M on a gimbal to control recording, and the motor to LANC cable doesn't work. Am I missing something? Do I need to turn on anything in camera to allow R/S to work properly...

R5 C flaky connection with 15ft tethering cable

At this writing only Capture One supports tethered shooting with the Canon EOS R5 C. But the connection is intermittent when using a TetherTools 15-foot cable. The connection drops and re-establishes every few seconds.I've tried two different cables ...

sfogel2 by Contributor
  • 3 replies

XA75 HDMI output resolution?

Why is it so hard to find out the max resolution from the HDMI output on these cameras? 3G SDI gives you all the information you need, but just stating HDMI as an output gives me nothing. There doesn't appear to be a technical specs section that cove...

jgoodwin by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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