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Heavy artifacts in Canon XA10 video


It's probably been a while since there's been a post regarding the XA10, since I'm sure it's several years obsolete- but it's a great camera until it's not. I use this camera in studio for interviews in my small business. I may shoot 20-25 interviews a year with it- about 6-10 minutes each. I always use high-quality SD cards, and been using the camera for years, so I'm pretty good at what I'm doing- although I don't use the camera to make a living. 

That being said, I'm working on a project that requires 6 different interview subjects. I've done 4 of them- and two of the interviews came out fine, no problem. But the other two- the video is not usable. At all. Artifacts- for lack of a better term- all over it. It seems to lessen every third frame, but I can't use any of the video and will have to re-shoot. Is the camera just getting old and needing to be put out to pasture? Anyone else seen this? I'm going to record to both card slots to see if it may be a card slot issue, but not sure if I need to invest in another camera. Would hate to do so, as I've got a Reflecmedia light ring on it for chromakey, and I'd like not to have to buy another adapter for it to fit another camera if I can avoid it.

Image attached for reference. bad recording.png


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jvannevel,

There are a couple of things to check with an issue like this. The first is to do a test shoot with a different memory card like you mentioned. Another thing would be that if the original video is still on your card try playing it back on the camera itself. Sometimes if files don't import correctly it can cause artifacts like what is in your image. If the video plays back without the artifacts on the camera that would indicate it is happening when the file is transferred to your computer.

One other thing to check would be your frame rate. Since it is only happening every so many frames it could be related to interlacing. If the frame rate is set to 60i it would be interlaced and sometimes current software and monitors don't process interlaced videos correctly. If it is set to 60i try switching it to 24p for progressive frames, take a test video, and check to see if the same thing is happening.

If the issue continues the XA10 is currently in service life and it can be sent in for repair. The Canon U.S.A., Inc. online repair portal allows you to set up service in a few simple steps. The repair portal gives you the ability to set up service for multiple pieces of equipment at once, and to receive a repair estimate in the majority of cases, depending on your model and issue. The portal also allows you to upload images or videos that will assist us in repairing your product. You can also select how you wish to be notified of the progress of your repair. The portal's service history section allows you to view all services that have been performed on any of your camera or video products since January 7, 2020.

Please follow the link below to access our online repair portal to arrange for service:

Instructions for Accessing and Using the Online Repair Portal

You will need to access or create your My Canon Account.

If you already have a My Canon Account and your product is already registered, simply click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you have a My Canon Account and your product is not registered, you must register your product first. Click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu, then click on the “Register Product” link on the right. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you do not have a My Canon Account, you will need to create one. After you create your account, click on the “Add Product” link to register your first product. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

Once you have completed the repair request, you will have an opportunity to print a copy of the request for your records. This request form will also contain shipping instructions and an address label that you will attach to the outside of your shipping box when mailing your equipment for repair.

Thanks for the information. The issue is definitely a camera issue. Playback in camera from the original memory card shows the same results. Not a frame rate issue. As I was editing one of the interviews, the issue occurred while recording. One moment, video was clean, then in the span of about 10 seconds, the video was completely unusable. So, not a card or settings issue. I purchased the unit in 2013, and I’m sure I registered it, but will need to see under which email account I have it listed under. I’ll be sending the unit when my schedule permits.