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C70 remote recording monitor?

Hey- I am hoping to use my macpro laptop as a remote recording monitor for the Canon C70. Is this possible? (and if so, How?)Alternately are there remote recording monitors for the C70 ... and below $900 ??Thanks!

CharityB by Contributor
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C70 with NANO-C98 battery issues.

Hi, I have two NANO-C98 for my Canon C70 and when I plug in accessories through the Smart Tap D Tap and the battery gets low and the battery cuts power to everything before the C70 reads it is to low and stops the recording and shuts down properly. T...

EOS R5C Mapping the Iris

Does anyone know how I can map the iris to my selection dial that is located to the right of the lcd screen when I am in video mode?  It looks like I can only map it to the top two dials or a control ring on a lens adapter.  However, I wanted it on t...

Initial tests of Cinema RAW Lite on an EOS C70

I only did two brief tests today.   Common settings: On a tripod.  RF 24-70 f/2.8 at f/2.8 with IS OFF.  DCI 4K, 24 fps, 180º shutter angle. ND around 2 to 4 stops.  Canon Log 2.Two codecs compared: 10-bit YCC 4:2:2 All-I and 12-bit RAW STOne experim...

ColorCheckerRAW.jpg ColorCheckerYCC.jpg
rs-eos by Elite
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C300 mark ii firmware

I have a c300 with older firmware.  Is it safe to update to the newest firmware or update it one at a time.  I am at firmware 1.04.11

Resolved! Best way to focus c100 for a self-tape?

Hi, I use my c100 mark ii for longer news segments and I need to self-tape stand-ups and interviews. Any recommendations on how to best focus and monitor the shot from in front of the camera without a second operator?I know there are ways to hook up ...

Maddieo by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

XC-10 and new MAC

Have a new XC-10 and love it.  Is there any direct connectivity to a new MAC?  Seems the only way to get video/photos off the camera is to transfer to iPad and then air drop, or remove SD/CF cards and stick them in readers.Using the serial port FCP s...

SeaMoose by Apprentice
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Canon R5c Picture profiles pf3 at video mode

I would like to purchase a Canon R5c. I mostly do corporate videos, so the RAW option is just fine for me. Additionally I do wedding videos using pf3 color profiles. As we know, this differs from LUT in that it uses Canon's internal image processing ...

Using RC-V100 to control C200B while recording

Hi All,I'm using an RC-V100 Remote Controller to control a C200B in another room. I'm finding that once I begin recording on the C200, all remote functionality is locked out including (ironically) the ability to stop recording. I've dug through the u...

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