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My camera is XF405. I an not sure but my picture looks maybe not quite as sharp as it should be? I looked at the sharpness adjustment in Function>Looks and tried all settings from 0 to 7 and recorded video with them. Two puzzles:  1) all the sharpnes...
XF405.  I don't want Manual Exposure, I need to be able to let the camera adjust itself, then LOCK all of the exposure functions: aperture, shutter speed and gain, while leaving Auto Focus operating. So if a bright object enters the frame the picture...
I have a Canon XF405 camera. Is it possible while in AUTO mode to lock the exposure while leaving focus in auto mode? If so can you assign a physical button to do this?
In the specs for the Canon XF 405 it says the external output via the HDMI socket at 25p is 4:2:2    Does this mean it is uncompressed 4:2:2 or ProRes 4:2:2?
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