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XF405 - sharpness issue


My camera is XF405. I an not sure but my picture looks maybe not quite as sharp as it should be? I looked at the sharpness adjustment in Function>Looks and tried all settings from 0 to 7 and recorded video with them. Two puzzles:  1) all the sharpness settings look identical to me, and 2) which setting should I use, so will setting the sharpness to Normal 3 look less sharp than it should be for filming normal stuff? If not then what is setting 7 for if it's no sharper than 3 for normal shooting? Can anyone help?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello nilly,

The Sharpness setting in Looks can be adjusted from 0 (softer image) to 7 (sharper image). You can adjust sharpness even further for a particular Custom Picture file if you'd like. You would first enable the custom picture function in the Camera Setup menu > CP Function. The manual goes over available Custom Picture settings starting on page 100. I have attached a link to the manual HERE for your reference. The sharpness settings are explained on page 104.

Thanks for the reply John, I see how you can adjust the sharpness. What I want to know is what is the correct setting for normal filming. I don't want reduced sharpness, nor do I want exaggerated sharpness, I just want it to film correctly with full 3840x2160 sharpness. What setting do you recommend?