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XF605 PTZ and Wi-Fi Issues


We just purchased 3x XF605 cameras, 3x CN-500 PTZ cameras, and 1x RC-IP100 remote, and we love them (great products)!

We are having three issues with the XF605 cameras that seem to be abnormal and are definitely a pain on our end as we operate them.

1) When using the XC Protocol on the PTZ controller, we lose our preset settings every time we turn the system off (XF605 cameras and controller). We'd love the ability to power up our cameras, hit one preset per camera on the PTZ controller, and have our image settings all pull-up. We do not lose our settings on the PTZ cameras. I'm wondering if there's a small battering that's not installed or dead on the camera that would cause it to lose its settings once powered down. Are those settings saved on the PTZ controller or on the cameras? Also, all cameras and the PTZ controller are up to date on their firmware.

2) We have two of our XF605 cameras hardwired into our network (zero connection issues). Our roaming XF605 camera is set up on our building WiFi, which keeps connecting and disconnecting (on the PTZ remote control). When it disconnects, or we power the camera off, we most often have to power cycle the PTZ controller to get it to show back up. Is there an "auto-refresh" option on the PTZ controller that constantly looks for newly connecting cameras so we don't have to power down in the middle of the show?

3) Setting the WiFi connection up on our roaming camera requires us to pick an SSID (which makes sense) and a particular access point. We have 8 APs throughout the building, all with the same SSID/password. It would be amazing to connect to the SSID so that the camera can roam the whole building (like my cell phone and laptop do) simply by hopping from AP to AP, depending on which one has the strongest signal. Can we set this up in a non-AP-specific way? Our WiFi and IT infrastructure is amazing (we have full access to settings if needed) so if there is a setting in the network that we need to have turned on, please share.




I suggest you contact Canon.  Cinema Support will be able to help, and can tell you if/what is possible.

Cinema EOS Support


PTZ Camera Support


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