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IVY REC firmware upgrade

AKA FV-100doc says to upgrade firmware via the mini camera app:settings -> icamera info -> upgrade firmware There is no 'upgrade firmware' on that page ... ?

ktenney by Apprentice
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Question for the cruisers

When you guys go on cruises, do you bring your DSLRs and a lens or two, or do you stick with the phone or a small PowerShot type of camera?  We are planning a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera, hitting Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, ...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 6 replies

Advice sought pertaining to lens/camera purchases

 I’m contemplating the purchase of an older, more expensive lens — the EF 200mm f/1.8L or EF 200mm f/2.0L USM — and understand there are some risks involved. • Some sellers are not honest. You pay your money and take your chances.• Craigslist: you pa...

Understanding Noise

Hi Canon Community, I'm an amateur photographer looking to improve my skills and I'm struggling in low light situations.  I recently took some photos of my friends using a Canon 7D (the oldest model) and an EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM with the sett...


Resolved! Canon or Epson Printer?

I need to buy another Printer since my Pixma 922 failed me.  I would like to have a printer that will copy, scan and produce good quality photos also.  I occasionally have some of my photos enlarged to 20 x 30, so do i need a high DPI printer, or doe...

TDKLEX by Contributor
  • 2 replies

CanoScan 9950F - 64-bit Mac Driver Please

My 9950F scanner is still running strong but the native drivers for Mac are only 32-bit. I am looking to upgrade to Mac OS 10.15 soon and will need a 64-bit driver. I have been using Hammrick’s VueScan but it still relies on the factory drivers. Any ...

Which camera to choose for portrait

Hello, everybody! I want to buy a camera to make portraits. I wanted to buy Canon EOS-M6 [Link Removed per Forum Guidelines] Is it good enough for this purpose or you can recommend another one?

Sunnywind by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Last attempt to save my CanoScan 5600F

hello, i've been having so much troubles with my 5600f. i've certainly used the scanner in past many times. but because i don't use it often, i can't recall the last time i was successfully scan a document with it. i'm running mojave 10.14.6 now. i i...

Canon Site - Cannot delete registered products

It used to be that I could delete my registered products that I no longer own. When I look at my products now, I get quite a few that I had deleted and now reappear. I cannot seem to delete anything. Anyone have any insight to this?

Camera Definitions

This is a tongue in cheek thread to which I hope others will contribute with regards to the general photographic context. I shall start this off with an excellent comment I read on the DP Review site in response to an article posted for the absolute ...

Canon K940 Copier

Old K940 analog copier has been a workhorse. Just replaced the cartridge with Canon original.. No other adjustments. Exposure is way off. On lightest auto setting white backgrounds still are gray. At usual mid exposure auto setting, backgrounds are v...

Canon 1 Year Warranty

So I recently noticed my camera had some specs in the viewfinder so I sent it in to get cleaned. They quoted me at 211 dollars to clean the camera because it has to be disassembled. But the camera is a month old and I have done nothing extreme to cau...

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