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DSLR vs. Cinema EOS

Okay, so I am an amateur producer/photographer. I got my first DSLR abour four years ago (a used Canon EOS 7D Mark I), and initally used it for photographing still images. After a few years I moved into shooting video with it, and I absolutely love t...

Resolved! MF Toolbox 4.9 scanner compatibility

Can anybody tell me whether Toolbox is compatible with the LiDE120 scanner please? The scanner works with the supplied SW but Toolbox 4.9 does not recognise the scanner. OS = Win10 x64.

NigelP by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Canon Printer Buy back?

Hello, I just read an article about Canon having a printer buy back service and I wanted to ask someone if that's true? Also I would like to buy a new printer for home use and I want to stay with Canon. I'd like to ask your opinion abopt which Canon ...

Where does ink go during deep cleaning?

Greetings, I am wondering where the ink goes during a deep cleaning? The printer says deep cleaning uses a lot of ink, so it must not go back in the ink cartridge, and it does not print anything. So where does it go and what happens when it fills up?...

Open Discussion on Image Sensors

New thread to relieve the off topic discussion in a “Share Your Photos” thread.’’  

out of stock?

I've been trying to purchase a Canon 58mm Protect Filter.  Has been 'out of stock' for weeks even months. Why?

mitsuru by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon Canonet QL17

Hey so I recently picked up a QL17 from a local antique store and everything works on it except for the threaded hood ring which is bent towards the top. Does anyone know how to fix it or replace it and know where to get one? Thanks!!

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