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9000F Mark II - scanning to PDF


I have used a Canon 8000F scanner for some 11 years. I scan booklets to PDF,  so the scanner is more then well used at some 25K scans.  It's making a bit of noise on the return scan.  Im using MP Navigator EX Ver. 1.08 on a Win 10 I7 laptop with a SSD.  I know this software and it just works... nothing fancy, but it works.

So I decided to upgrade to hopefully a faster scanner when making a multiple PDF, seconds count when scanning 70+ pages.  I picked up a used 9000F Mark II, barely used.   The MP Navigator EX Ver. 1.08 will not find the scanner.  So I install the MY Photo Garden, UGH.  I finally find the manual scanner area after some 15 min.

Problem 1.  I was scanning and seeing my multiple pages on the screen (I did choose multiple page scan).  I would have to choose the 55 page images I scanned and save them.  You could not change the file name, it was IMAGE00000.pdf  There was no way to change it in the settings.

Problems 2.  I somehow then got to scan multiple pages to a single PDF and when saving, would see the ONE PDF and the individual pages on the left.  I could save and change the filename...  Then i tried to scan a different project.. I could not go back or find the manual scanner page.  A number of minutes later I see that if you press SCAN twice, the top of the page would finally show the SCAN icon, and get back to the manual scan page.   The IJ Scan would just scan a page and drop you to the box showing former PDF files... 


Problem 3.  Is there a way I can just see the manual scan page ?   The software (Garden of confusion) I really don't need.  Are there Icons I and add to my desktop to get to those two places ?   (eg shortcut to the files)


Problem 4. Is there a MP Navigator EX Ver. that can be used with the 9000f Mark II ?   I know there is ViewScan.  I tried the free version but MP Navigator EX worked better.