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I have a Maxify MB2320 connected to my PC by USB.When I work from home, I use my work laptop with a wired connection to my network.  It sees my printer on the network but when I print it always uses tray 1 when I want it to use tray 2.Printing from m...
I don't see a setting for legal size source documents.  Am I out of luck? Thanks.
Is it possible to scan two sides of a document using ScanGear?  I have never figured out if I can get two images into one. My source is Document (grayscale), Destination OCR, Output Size flexible. Thanks.
My wife has a new MacBook Pro running Big Sur.  I downloaded the Canon driver for her but it still won't find the printer on the network. Then I tried following the wireless setup help and downloaded the software but it says it needs to be updated fo...
I have a Maxify MB2320. The printer preferences just have "high" and "standard."  I was reading USPS's printing requirements for labels and they say to print at 600 DPI.  How do I know what setting I am using? Thanks.
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