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Canon 3200F flatbed scanner can't hook to Win 7 64 bit computer because no drivers are avail?


How do I hook the scanner to win7 64bit PC.  Gave it to my daughter since I bought a new Canon multifunction.  Print head in my canon Pixma went bad and no replacement...had to throw away the printer.  Now the scanner can't be used for lack of driver.  I see a pattern here Canon.



This is reaching epidemic proportions, and is a new way for tech companies to generate revenue.  They allow software updates to obsolete their products.  if  you don't buy the latest product, you're screwed.  It's actually an incentive to shaft people with software updates, because it obligates people to send perfectly good hardware to a landfill and buy the newest version.  It's just a way for Canon to get paid more.  Or is it?  What about if it pisses people off and they quit buying your products because they don't appreciate being hung out to dry?  I have personal experience now with 4 different companies forcing their customers to upgrade with new purchase and abandon perfectly functional equipment:  Apple, HP, Logitech, and now Canon.  You better pray Microsoft doesn't do an OS upgrade, because it means that all your peripheral hardware is **** now and has to be replaced.  The manufacturers who do this to their customers deserve the bankruptcy coming their way when people get fed up and quit falling for it.  I will not purchase any hardware from a company that does not offer long term driver support for the people buying their products.

We're sorry you feel that way, and not quite sure what you'd consider long-term driver support to be. Even Microsoft has recognized their over 10 year old operating system is outdated and stopped supporting it or making any upgrades for it, nor offering any tech support for it. Choosing to continue to use less effective, outdated operating systems that have increased security risks is your choice, of course. 


We sincerely hope you aren't sending any of your old equipment to landfills. We strongly support the recycling all used equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.


Ok.  Add Microsoft to my list.  They do it too.  Notice that companies waving the flag of environmentalism because they "recycle" are still requiring me to go buy another one.  And my old scanner that still functions perfectly still has to be shredded.  An accident?  I don't think so.  It isn't environmentally friendly either.

Imaging hardware just converts an image into a bitstream in a particular format.  Those formats and communications protocols change all the time, and those do not fundamentally alter the task at hand.  Canon won't produce new drivers for old equipment because they make more money getting people to buy new ones.  It has nothing to do with perceived flaws with the older formats.  Functioning hardware should NEVER have to be thrown away because of software updates, and money is the reason it is.

You can buy software from another company that has drivers for older / newer hardware.