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Canon 1DX Mark II - Movie Rec Size issue

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 1DX Mark II, and I noticed I cannot access 120 FPS rec format in the high frame rate menu, I also lack several recording size options. I bought the Sandisk brands Compact flash and Cfast 2.0 and I was wondering if ...

cf.jpg 100fps.jpg Movie rec size.jpg

5D Mark IV video setting issues!!!

So I'm a photographer, and I do have some experience with video, but I'm really no expert. For whatever reason I just cannot get the video settings on the Mark IV right. I've tried to film something three times now, changing the settings each time, a...

Poor Quality out of Focus on 80D

I'm having a terrible problem with my images looking great in camera until I zoom in. Everything was shot in RAW at ISO 100. This photo was taken with the autofocus turned on and looking through the viewfinder. Upon first look I just thought I focuse...

Kyra-and-Gary-Wedding_66.jpg Kyra-and-Gary-Wedding_67.jpg Kyra-and-Gary-Wedding_583.jpg

Sell 5D IV to run 2x EOS R bodies!!

I currently have a 5DIV and an EOS R and am wondering if it would be worthwhile going for a second R as I shoot a lot of video. (Sending in the 5D IV for the C-Log upgrade would mean a lot of downtime plus still no peaking on the 5D).I’m just wonderi...

Shutter will not stop.

Canon Rebel SL2When I was out shooting, just now, working in manual mode,  the shutter started clicking, non stop, very fast.I went to another shooting mode, with no change.I turned the camera off, then on.  No change.I removed the battery, waited a ...

Image Quality Issue/Canon 80D

I have a Canon 80D and I’ve never had an issue with the clarity of my pictures when I download them to my phone off of the canon camer connect app until recently. I think it has something to do with the fact that my pictures have been saved in “R + J...

How to access geolocation information

Rebel EOS T6Samsung Galaxy S9+ I can connect the camera to the phone wirelessly.I can turn on the feature (on the phone) that begins the geolocation log. How do get this information from the log on the phone to the photograph? Any help will be greatl...

TimC by Contributor
  • 11 replies

70D Stops recording video after a few seconds

Other people have had the same problem, but mine is a little different. My card is a PNY 64GB 90MB/Second Class 10 that I format after putting into camera. When I first got the camera a couple of years ago I could record as long as I wanted. Now, onl...

loyd by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Recording on my EOS Rebel T5i

I film videos on YouTube and my camera has been the best, but a couple of weeks ago, when I have sat down and filmed, about 15 seconds into recording, this rectangle in corner of my camera pops up, and when the cubes in the rectangle fill all the way...


Resolved! Image output from RAW is grainy?

Hi. I hope I'm posting this at the right thread, else please advise if this isn't the right section for this. I've recently received a 5DM3 as a graduation gift and got myself a 50mm lens to shoot along with. I didn't study or learn photography and m...

_X9A7556_O.jpg _X9A7556_E.jpg _X9A7556_A.jpg
debsiew by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Canon EOS 500D - question

Hello, I am definately a Canon novice and have a camera that is about 10-15 years old.  I have been to a course but felt the trainer was more interested in promoting their own cameras and service rather than ensuring the attendees had notes etc and c...

millsie by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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