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PIXMA iP4000 printing to right corner

IP 4000 suddenly printing only in the upper right corner on BOTH my Old Imac (High Sierrra 10.13.6)& my newer (Sonora 14.1 OSI ). It was printing from both correctly previously!I have disconnected/reconnected cables - unplugged printer -replugged -  

SusanRU by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon Pixma G7020 Error 5B00... refuses to reset

So today we hit the infamous error 5B00 due to full ink absorbers. Long sotry short, we managed to find the ink absorbers, pull them out, clean them and put them back in their place.The problem is that the printer absoluetely refuses to go into servi...

hayli by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Differences between Canon printer models

I see a great many Canon ink tank printers priced (or on sale for) under $250. But I don’t see what the difference is from one printer to another.I’d appreciate if someone could point me to a comparison. Or explain the differences if there’s no compa...

PIXMA MG3620 won't print custom size

Hello, I'm trying to print 4.25X5.5 and when I put the paper size into the print dialog box, my PIXMA just runs the paper through and spits it out blank! I have tried to change the settings on the printer, in Illustrator (where I'm designing from) an...

PIXMA MX922 How Do I Turn Off Color Ink?

I have the MX922 and it is using up color ink fast even with the preferences set to grayscale printing. How do I disable use of color ink and monitoring? I'm sick and tired of having to buy color ink cartridges when I am only printing black text docu...

ryevick by Contributor
  • 22 replies

Pixma MX492 error code B204

Hi, On Monday the printer was perfect. I print through my iPhone. Since yesterday the screen displays a code of B204. It also says to unplug. I unplugged for hours. I re-plug it same code appears with same instructions. I did a hard reset the error c...

Massey by Apprentice
  • 14 replies

Resolved! Pixma MX410 ink absorber reset

My Pixma MX410 ink absorber pads have been cleaned and replaced, but the "contact service center" error keeps appearing on startup.  I've read several posts that tell how to reset the ink absorber error, but none of them work on this printer. The blo...

rs160030 by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Pixma TS9550 - No Custom Size Paper option

I've just bought a Canon Pixma TS9550 and I'm trying to set it to print custom size paper.The instructions online say to go to Printer Preferences and then it'll pop up with a box to set up the size, but I'm not getting that pop up box, only standard...

PIXMA TR4720 Cannot print from the internet

I JUST purchased a TR4720 2 days ago.  I have set it up, it is connected to my computer and prints fine if I am printing something from the drive.  Running Windows 10.  I tried to print a payment receipt from the internet today and it will not print....

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