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Can Pixma G3200 be used for sublimation?


I recently bought the Pixma G3200 so I can print out sublimation for the tumblers I am going to be making. I set it up, but each time I print the papers look like a lighter pinkish when I bought it; it said it was for sublimation printing, but I'm starting to doubt it.



Please explain what you are doing .

Do you mean you are trying to print sublimation transfers?

Where does it say the printer "is for sublimation printing"? 

How do you transfer to tumblers? Are they plastic or glass?

My knowledge of sublimation transfer printing is that you print a mirror-image onto transfer paper, and apply the transfer using heat and pressure. The material you are transferring TO has to absorb the sublimated ink.


Hi there your knowledge of sublimation is correct! Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am trying to print images on sublimation paper so I can transfer them to metal tumblers. However, whenever I try to print, the ink comes out as a faint pinkish coloring and doesn't really print out on the papers. I'm just wondering if this printer can be used for printing on sublimation paper or not. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions you may have. Thank you again for your time.


From what you are saying, the ink is not transferring from the transfer to the metal.  True?

Or is the problem that the transfer does not come out of the printer with the proper ink on it?

I just did a web search for "sublimation transfer to metal" and saw tons of articles about transferring to metals, tumblers, etc.  You should do the same. The ink has to be suitable, the receiving surface has to be suitable, on and on.  Your problem is likely NOT with the Pixma printer. It is your overall process.