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Continuous paper jam

I am trying my hardest of fix this issue without sending the printer in for repairs. The paper will get pulled into the printer when it starts to print then gets stuck. I will remove it from the flap in the back. I have done the alignments and that d...

Print stuck in queue after reboot....

Hello,I just installed a PIXMA TS 3350 printer on a new computer with Windows 11.Everything works fine.I installed the canon driver for Windows 11, plugged the printer (in USB). The printer is recognized and works. I can print.But after a computer re...

Hard Reset for PIXMA G3200?

Hello, Yesterday I printed something out and found the color inks faded so tried running a deep cleaning, but instead of the procedure, it went into an error mode that I am unable to extricate it from. It exhibits the series of 7 flashing lights alte...

pawletto by Contributor
  • 12 replies

ICC profiles for Canon Pixma iP8700

HELP please!!! I recently purchased a Canon Pixma iP8700.  I use a digital design program Silhouette to desing and print images.  The colors are SO OFF!!!  I have a pink and purple pattern that is printing red and blue.I have other printers that prin...

PIXMA TR7020 Broken Printer

Hello I had contacted you on 5/23/2022 regarding a printer we purchased from you. we were told the replacement would arrive in 2 couple days and for us to simply return the broken printer to you in the same box. since it was under warranty. We have s...

curtis1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Printer Canon PIXMA MX310

Hello:I am wondering if the PIXMA MX310 is still in use with more recent OS of Windows and Mac? Is the firmware updated or has drivers to make it compatible?  Thanks

melmorsy by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

MG7120 disabled by firmware 4.060

My white Canon MG7120 has been a joy to use, fast reliable, and nearly flawless. And then firmware 4.060 updated and ruined my sanity. Ive tried hundreds of pages and I cannot get a single page to print or copy correctly. Unless you print the nozzle ...

MG3022 Cuts off End of Page When Photocopying

I've recently bought a second hand MG3022 and set it up fine. But when it comes to photocopying, when you print from the flatbed scanner, I've noticed that the bottom few millimeters of the page is always cut off. I'm printing normal letter paper (8....

print-ea by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA MX922 Pages blank when printed

I keep trying to troubleshoot why my pages are blank when printed on my Pixma MX 922 series without any headway.The printer was out ofuse for a while. The ink levels are good, I'm not getting any error notifications. I send it to print and it powers ...

Canon MX490 partial printing

My Canon MX490 ALWAYS has an error that there are other documents waiting.    Then it prints 5-6 partial pages, typically will print a previous completed document and then finaly will give me the one page document I'm trying to print.   So the output...

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