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TS9520 connection with new laptop

i have purchased a new HP laptop W11,   and i cant get it to connect with the printer- even worked with CS and they cant get it to connect.  could use some ideas of what else to try - the printer works fine with my dell 

PIXMA MG6620 Support Code B203

I have a pixma MG6620. Was working fine , suddenly give me a support code B203“error has occurred printer needs repair , see manual contact service”.!  Calling no answer  

Mrivero1 by Apprentice
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PIXMA MG2520 driver download issues

Hello, I'm having trouble installing the drive for MG 2520 printer. when I try to open the download it asks for and admin user and password. But it doesn't give an option to type the user and won't accept my password (the only one on the laptop). any...

cat97 by Apprentice
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PIXMA G7020 Color Printhead Replacement

I bought a PIXMA G7020 a while ago that was missing the color printhead. Where can I buy a replacement? I saw this message on the board but unfortunately the poster didn't include the information he claims he received.

brogoff by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Finding model number by serial number

My pixma doesn't have a model number ANYWHERE - very frustrating. (Front, tray door, bottom, back, inside all checked...lots of info but no model number). The first four letters of the serial number are LFGA. Can you tell me what model this is so I c...

No text printing from PIXMA TR8620a

I have a brand new Pixma TR8620a and it will not print text at all.  It prints images just fine, so I know the black ink works.  If I have a document with text and image, it prints only the image.  This is a NEW printer!! I've tried making sure the c...

KatJanes by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Scanner Not Working on PIXMA TR7520 - Solved!

I recently upgraded to windows 11 on my PC and installed the recommend drivers from Canon website.  The printer itself worked by the scanner was greyed out on Image Garden.  After about 2 hours of trying to figure it out, I went back to the drivers l...

riknu00 by Apprentice
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setup g7020 a real pain

The printer / scanner seems built well, but.  The install instructions are terrible for the printer, lan and scan.  About 8 hours I finally got it all running.  Attention Cannon: this should be easy not a PITA.

gwbigdog by Apprentice
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Canon MG2522 series printer not responding

After purchasing the printer, and installing the drivers from the website, nothing I can do will get the printer to even print the test page, surely I am doing something massively wrong? My computer recognizes that something is being connected, and I...

PIXMA MG3620 Prints But Won't Scan

I haven't been able to scan from my PIXMA MG3620. I can print wirelessly, but not scan. I've reinstalled the software three times. I've gone online and was told that this model printer is no longer eligible for support, when I don't get a window that...

fxander by Contributor
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PIXMA MX410 will not print Yellow

I have tried two different cartridges and did multiple deep cleanings on the Color cartridge. I get no yellow color. I am pretty sure yellow is flowing because I see yellow ink when dab the print head against a piece of paper. Could this be a problem...

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