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EDSDK Handler for take pictures

I am trying to create a Program for my Canon EOS Rebel T7, but when I try to send the command EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(CamConn, EDSDK.CameraCommand_TakePicture, 0) the program returns the error EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE, how I can add a proper Handle for ta...

EOS Utility Install Fails - Catalina - One soution

Hello friends! Our users have been reporting failed installations of EOS utility on their MacBook Pros.  We've found that it happens on 50% of the systems we've tried. They're running OSX version 10.15.4.  MacBook Pros.  EOS installer version M3.12.1...

ginnyw by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

DPP 4, is there way to assign custom keyboard hot keys?

Hi all, Anybody knows, is there way to override default keyboard hot keys for DPP? It makes me crazy that Shift + Home / Shift + End combinations are assigned to select first / last photo, instead of select text in the currently focused textbox (whic...

AlexNc by Contributor
  • 13 replies

EOS Utility won't launch on Windows 10, OK on Mac

I'm using a Canon Rebel T6s DSLR camera with a Motic BA 300 trinocular microscope.  I'm attempting to remotely control the camera on my Windows 10 computer with lastest version of the Canon Utility, i.e., EU3.  I successfully installed the utility,  ...

Mike8 by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Resolved! EOS Utility can not detect my EOS700D

Hello there! I have followed every instruction found at support section and tried different solution but no avail. My EOS Utility, 2 and or even 3 can not detect my Canon EOS700D. I can see my EOS700D on my computer connected but it seems I can not f...

seanebue by Contributor
  • 34 replies

Old firmware updates gone

I have already collected the old firmware updates for Canon D2000/D6000, D30, D60, 1D IIn etc, but is there any reason why they are not downloadable anymore from Canon? 

Screenshot_20200508-172625.jpg Screenshot_20200508-171701.jpg
Peter by Authority
  • 3 replies

EOS Utility won't recognize EOS 1100D

Hi there,  I have an old Canon 1100D - and I cannot get EOS Utlity to recognise the camera. I have MacOS Catalina.    Is there any way to make this work? - I have downloaded version 3 and version 2 and neither of them are working. I really need to us...

The DPP4 editing software is not opening at all?

Q:How to access Digital Photo Professional 4 App by Canon on my mac OS MojaviI have a lot of edited pictures on Digital Photo Professional 4 App by Canon which I can no longer have access to, this is the error message I get:The last time you opened D...

Digital Photo Professional "Remote Shooting" not working

Digital Photo Professional (4.2.10) "Remote Shooting" will not work at all. All I get is an error message "A compatible version of EOS Utility is not installed". And no further info. Even though EOS Utility IS installed and updated with the latest ve...

Canon Picture Styles in Lightroom

Most software products other than Canon DPP do not recognize settings set in the camera (I hesitate to say all because there may be some out there that do, but I have never seen any identified). Recentlly, with the release of Lightroom Classic 9.2, i...

EOS Web cam

I can not get this to work. Following the instructions I installed the utility on my windows 10 laptop, restarted the system. I turned the EOS RP, plugged the cable into my laptop, and started Skype. it shows on the camera option, only the built-in w...

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